LCI Webshop

The LCI Webshop is open!!! We are very proud to present our first LCI products ready to order in the LCI webshop. Please be aware it is only possible to pick up your at one of the upcoming MTMs. The LCI board or the convening country won’t keep your product(s) in stock if you don’t pick it up. It is allowed to ask somebody else to pick it up for you

To make sure we don’t stock up on products, only the products that are actually bought, will be ordered. This also means the pictures you see on the webshop, are mockups and not the actual products. The final products can differ from these pictures.

The price you see in the webshop covers the shipping to the different MTM’s and basic payment fees. Please be aware that payment fees can be very high, so we kindly ask you to choose the payment option that has the lowest expenses. If the payment fees exceed 6% of the total costs of your purchase, we will have to charge you the remaining amount. With bank transfer your products will only be ordered if the payment is received before the closing date of the webshop

Every MTM and AGM there will be new products selected so there is no guarantee the products that are available now, will be available again for the AGM. So don’t hesitate, order now! The webshop for the MTM products will close on the 31st of December 2022.

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