It has been an absolute pleasure reading what each of the countries have been up to in the first 6 months of the international circle year. I’ll start by being honest and open as I value these things personally, I’ve never in 12 years read ALL the Half Year reports before!! I know shocking … so I say this sincerely, please do spend the time to read the news from your fellow countries it has truly Inspired me. I’ve received news from 36 Countries so here in is a resume of the theme’s and trends I have picked out, please excuse me if I’ve missed a critical element but I hope this will share our news with you all.


  • Firstly, let’s celebrate together the Charter of new Circles’, Welcome ladies to the best organisation in the world, why not find them on Facebook, Instagram and give them a like make these new ladies feel welcome.
    LC Kathmandu Royal Ladies, Nepal
    LC 51 Hasselt, Belgium
    LC 4 Kayanza Province, Botswana
    LC 11 Tallinn, Estonia
    LC Sarreguemines, France
    LC Montceau Les Mines, France
    LC Beeston, GB&I
    LC 162 Pilibhit, India
    LC Ahmedabad Leading Edge, India
    LC 3 Tunis, Tunisia
    LC Santton, South Africa
    LC Krugersdorp, South Africa
    LC Leipzig, Germany
    And coming soon……
    6 New Circles in India
    LC81 Noord West Friesland 30/3/19, The Netherlands