Ravo Brenda – LCI VP Candidate – 2019

//Ravo Brenda – LCI VP Candidate – 2019

Ravo Brenda – LCI VP Candidate – 2019

Dear Ladies of the world

My name is Ravo Brenda Rakotovelomanantsoa, I m 39 years I am ladies from 2007.
I have 2 sisters and 1 brother who all support me for my candidate.
I love this organization where I can feel more than a family. I live with my son who have 10 years old.
I was divorced 6 years back but I never give up because I had the ladies Circle with me. Through the ladies, round table, club 41, Agora, I shine and have some strenght to live this wonderful life with a lot of adventure. The smile of my son give me the positives waves to be what I am now. I go for the
next step and new challenge.
I work in my own business in the mining where I growed myself in public relations.
Ladies, lifes goes on and gives you always opportunity to grow and to be happy.
I m active in our organization to promote the side by side. The friendship is very important to walk,work and settle . I was in local and National Board during 7 years to make the ladies as one with their difference, their strenght and work together with a lot of smile.
So why not to be in the international Board to follow the work of my elder sisiter to promote the friendship and service around the world.
Let’s shine, let’s dream and achieve because we are one.

Ravo Brenda

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