Maya Pavlovic – LCI Treasurer Candidate – 2019

//Maya Pavlovic – LCI Treasurer Candidate – 2019

Maya Pavlovic – LCI Treasurer Candidate – 2019

Dear LCI board, Dear LCI councilors

My name is Maya Pavlovic and is a pleasure for me meeting you through this brief presentation.
I was born in Serbia, in a family who gifted me with a happy and generous life. Unfortunately, the politic conditions during the 90s in Serbia pushed me and my child to leave my family and move to Italy, for a brand-new beginning.

In 2012, in Italy, I have met the Round Tabler’s world, who brought me two big presents: Ladies Circle and my husband.

It has been 3 years since I have joined Ladies Circle Italia and since I had the chance to get to know marvellous people, that has become a kind of extended family to me, where I have found my best and true friends.

Applying for the International Treasury position, is an act of care towards who has given me so much. Taking care of our finances is like taking care of all the Ladies Circle’s world.

My job as Manager of the Technical and Purchasing Office of a company operating in the naval field, is a mansion that requires attention, accuracy and a special eye on details.
Something that I could for sure bring also in this new opportunity.
For me this role will be a further evidence of how much I can donate to our Association.

During the years, in order to realize my daughter’s dreams, I have worked hard giving my best in each job I was assigned to, trying to get the best out of every situation.

This is who I am: a person that loves helping others through my work and this is what I want to give to the Ladies Circle, because, as John Donne once wrote, “No man is an island” and I would like to add that our powerful energies touching and weaving together can only produce something unique.

In friendship and service,

Maya Pavlovic
LCI 13 Bologna, Italia

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