Marieke van Gent – LCI Secretary Candidate – 2018

//Marieke van Gent – LCI Secretary Candidate – 2018

Marieke van Gent – LCI Secretary Candidate – 2018

Ladies’ Circle has become a big important part of my life since a couple of years. As I joined Ladies’ Circle in 2011, I wasn’t aware of this importance. My life turned upside down in 2014 due to a divorce, but Ladies’ Circle helped me out. The warmth and power of all these lovely Ladies in the world made me open up and showed me all the beauty around the world.

The main reason of my submission for the role of Secretary is my strong wish to create an even stronger and more powerful worldwide woman organization.

All the Ladies in the world can make a difference, but then we have to find each other in a real easy way. I want to be the Secretary of LCI to see what we can achieve together. We are in a digital world, where all information can be available for every Lady. I would love to work on that by for example creating a Ladies platform or providing information in a different way.

In my daily life I work as an independent IT manager for different companies in the Netherlands. I live in Hengelo, near the German border, partly (50%) with my 2 precious kids, my boy Nout (10 yr) and my girl Fleur (8 yr).

Last 3 years I was a national board member in the Netherlands and we achieved some major changes in digitalization. That experience I will take with me in the LCI Board. I’ve been travelling for Ladies’ Circle these 3 years quite often (NY, Cape town, Iceland, Sønderborg, Luxembourg, Singapore and so on) and that’s why I know for sure all Ladies, wherever in the world are ready for Ladies’ Circle 3.0!

The beauty of our organisation is the diversity of all Ladies but even so much the equality amongst us. We are all strong independent women willing to make the world a little better! I am ready to connect the Ladies throughout the world and would love to be your LCI Secretary for the coming 2 years.

From my prospective, this is exactly what Ladies’ Circle is for me:

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