Lena Widmark – LCI Weblady Candidate – 2019

//Lena Widmark – LCI Weblady Candidate – 2019

Lena Widmark – LCI Weblady Candidate – 2019


There are moments in life when we are presented with an opportunity and the choice we make end up being a turning point. Like asking out the man whom you will later marry or maybe choosing a new career path for instance. For me being invited to my first Ladies Circle meeting in 2011 was one of those life-altering opportunities. Now here I am, reaching for a new fantastic opportunity!
For these are exciting times!

LCI is taking a huge step to bring circlers together all around the world. I have just ended my two-year appointment as national weblady for LC Sweden. During the past two years I’ve managed our member- and event-database and when our national board tasked me with finding a new, more current, solution I found circler.world. The best way to learn more is always to get involved so I contacted the project team to offer my services. It has been amazing seeing our associations join up and migrate into circler.world. I truly feel that this is the future for LCI. I
also believe that this step to bring us all closer will drastically change the role of weblady over the next few years. That is the reason I asked LC Sweden to support me as a candidate for LCI weblady.

As well as being a circler, I’m wife the of a triathlete, mother of two wifi-abusing teenagers and, eight hours a day, application manager for the PLM system at an automotive company.
I have worked with IT for close to 20 years. My experience spans from user support, systems development and database architecture to project management, quality assurance and process development. With the new circler.world platform, you will need a weblady who can work together with the project team and the developers to make sure our members get the technical
support they need.

If you give me the opportunity to serve as your weblady I want to increase the collaboration with our fellow organizations; Tangent, Agora, Round Table and Old Table, to develop functionality in our joint platform that will benefit us all. Together we are stronger. I also want to strengthen LCI’s profile in social media. Today we live our lives online and this is where we will find our new sisters. Let’s make it easy for them to discover what Ladies Circle can offer.

I have two more years as an active circler, I would be honored if you would let me spend them giving my all to help Ladies Circle grow while also making our world just a little smaller.

In friendship and service

Lena Widmark

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