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My personal life: Working mom and wife with all too much on her plate. Managing two daycare centers during the day and managing quite a few NGO and other commissions of trust. But I also do make time for family and friends as much as possible. Every day I try to live by my presidential motto “Making a difference through acts of kindness”.

My Circle life: Circling since 2006 full heartedly and with great passion. Always trying to improve something or trying out something new. A very eager LCI Vice President 2016-17, a very proud and forward pushing LCI President 2017-18 and now a very humbled yet hard working LCI Immediate Past President 2018-19.

My Dream: To see women being empowered and well-connected through Ladies’ Circle all through the world. For this to happen we need to professionalize our networking and our Association. But we can do it!

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