LCI President 2018 – 2019 Kenza Sbihi

//LCI President 2018 – 2019 Kenza Sbihi

LCI President 2018 – 2019 Kenza Sbihi

I believe that each one of us has a dream in our heart.  I’m not talking about winning the lottery (even if I will not be unhappy if it happens to me) …  I’m talking about a vision deep inside that speaks to the very soul.  It’s the thing we were born to do.  It appeals to our highest ideals. It is inseparably linked to our life purpose.


  • Our dreams guide us, act as a compass and help us to choose a path.
  • Dreams help us to increase our potential and to tap into our greatest resources within us, and around us.
  • Dreams add values in our life: the same work take on a new meaning when we add vision, emotion and bring our dreams to life.


Dare to achieve your dreams:

You were not born as a winner or a loser …You were born as chooser!!!

In reality, many people are simply too scared to go after their dreams because they are afraid of failure. I am here to tell you that no matter what stage of life you are in, you can achieve your dreams:

If you can dream it, you can do it….

  • Develop and gain Self confidence in order to take up opportunities that cross your path.
  • Don’t let your dream sit on the shelf. Live them. Breathe them. Be that change you want.
  • Stretch beyond your comfort zone. If you’re not making yourself at least a little uncomfortable, you’re not going to the next level. Learning to deal with discomfort is an important part of growing. If you have enough motivation, anything is possible
  • Be brave enough to let your creativity shine. The most important step towards exploring your potential is to realize that you’re more creative than you think. We all are.


I have been very fortunate throughout my circling years and still today to be surrounded by inspiring, ambitious and successful women who dream big and achieve their personal and professional goals while staying true to themselves. At the age of 37, I feel I have only scraped the surface of everything I am yet to experience and achieve lots of things both professionally and personally.

We, as circlers, are women who gracefully embody the possibility of “only the sky is the limit”.

Each one of us is very unique in her path and identity, however we all share very important traits: we are passionate, positive, hard workers, confident and most importantly, we are constantly learning and teaching. We promote others and we are great leaders.

Many girls and young women in the world struggle to find successful role models who can inspire them to imagine everything they could achieve and believe that each of those possibilities could become a reality.

Our Dreams and achievement should be shared, so that girls and young women can find inspiration in those examples.

Let use the 3 minutes speech of our meetings to invite ladies or women with inspiring path to share their story. Let use all kind of support to promote our dreams, to show how we can achieve them and let be an inspiration for the world.

We have no limits within Circling; it can take us anywhere we would like. We just need to dream it achieve it and inspire with it.

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