LCI President 2017-2018 Anne Ahlefelt

//LCI President 2017-2018 Anne Ahlefelt

LCI President 2017-2018 Anne Ahlefelt

Aloha Ladies! I choose to greet you with an “Aloha” because it isn’t just a regular greeting. The “Aloha” is much more and always comes with a true sense of respect and love for the other. And I truly have immense respect and love for all of you and our association.

It is such an honor and privilege to stand here in front of you today as your Incoming President. I feel gratitude, joy, excitement, but also a bit nervous, stepping into the role as President after these awesome Ladies. And to fill these shoes is no easy task, because Presidents before me, for decades, have all done so much for this association. They have built a great foundation and I want to continue building on that. To build an association that is great, solid, worldwide, growing, current and well-known and with a fantastic future is not easy. And it is not done by anyone alone. It is done by all of us – together. It is when we are focused and working together that we can achieve greatness. So let’s keep focusing on the two initiatives that were introduced a year ago, Charity March and Number Club Exchange. You all took these initiatives in and made them bloom. Now let us continue doing that and focus on doing more good and having more international friendship.

I would also want us to focus more on networking and working side-by-side with our fellow associations, Round Table, Tangent, Agora and 41 Club Ladies’ Circle is an amazing association with over 12000 members. What an amazing network for doing charity and sharing friendship. Not to mention what a fantastic network of smart and capable women, professionals and experts in all kinds of fields. Let’s use this network and the knowledge of each other when ever needed. And just think, when we add the 30000 Tablers, 12000 Tangents, 2000 Agoras and 18000 41’ers to our network it is huge. Together we can achieve great things, but we can also help each other to expand and at the same time expand our joint network. I think it’s silly that we have countries and cities in the world where there are Tables, but no Circles, and vice versa. And there are places in the world that neither one of us have reached. We really have our work cut out for us and we need everyone’s help to grow and expand our friendship.

My goal during the upcoming year is not to come up with something new and exciting, but to work on the good we already have and to make it even better and more widely known. And for this I need all of your help, but I really believe that we can achieve whatever we set our minds to. What I do want to bring into this year is a mindset. A mindset that will turn into action and good things will then happen. These days we are constantly surrounded with a lot of negativity, bad news and horrible actions. Let’s not give into that or let it affect us. Instead, let’s do the opposite and fight back. We need to take a stand and get our message across. We need to say that it is enough and we won’t stand for it. We need to be seen and heard and our actions should be well-known. And when over 12000 women all over the world get into this mindset, it makes a difference.

So with these words I would like to present to you my motto and logo for next year…..

Where ever you are, what ever you do, be kind. Show compassion, be a friend, stand up and speak up for those who need you, see the strength and good everyone, help others whenever you can, and smile to everyone you meet. It can really make someone’s day. Be kind to yourself, the person next to you and to whoever you meet along the way. Actions speak louder than words and we will make a difference through our actions of kindness. I think this what Ladies’ Circle is about and hope you are all with me on this!

So for now I leave you with the biggest smile and the knowledge that I will always be here for you, whenever you might need a friend. I will also leave you with the same greeting as I started with, a great big ALOHA – from me to you <3

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