Ilze Sipkevica – LCI VP Candidate – 2019

//Ilze Sipkevica – LCI VP Candidate – 2019

Ilze Sipkevica – LCI VP Candidate – 2019

Dear LCI Board, dearest ladies,

I come from Latvia and live in my beloved hometown and the capital of Latvia– Riga. I have also lived in the U.K., London, for 2 years for my Marketing and Communication studies.
I work as a Marketing Manager in Baltics for the Foodservice company delivering a variety of food products to HoReCa and Retail Clients in Baltics.
I’m married and have a 4 years old son and full support from my family to challenge myself for the new experience within the Ladies’ Circle Association.

I joined Ladies’ Circle community in 2006. Since then it has been a life-changing and exciting journey – meeting friendly, caring and motivated ladies in meetings and events locally and
internationally. By becoming a member of the Association I have been growing as a person in every possible way – meeting wonderful, committed and active women – learning by sharing
experiences the way Association works on a National scale in different countries, getting inspired the way service projects are carried out locally and nationally. I have learned to understand more,
to love more, to achieve more.

I believe that the happiness is in experiencing the road, not only aiming for the targeted cornerstone without seeing what surrounds us – places, people, their lives and history, their dreams and aspirations. Therefore, hearing others, understanding the personal motivation, respecting individuality and a human compassion are allies in my own road. With this feeling at heart I wish to contribute and continue the great work that the LCI Board is leading on with such wonderful board members, councilors and projects, like “Circler.World”, branding, website, legal status and more. I will put all my best effort and communication abilities to promote our organization, the wonderful purpose of LCI and continue achieving the set goals, because together we can achieve more.
I have an experience, passion and devotion to LC by working on the daily projects of my own LC1 Riga Club and by being an active member of the board and diving into the charity activities with
all of my heart. I hold most wonderful memories from events I’ve been to locally and internationally, by hosting an MTM in Riga and organizing our 25th Jubilee event. I was touched by receiving the nomination as a “LC Latvia Lady – Heart”. The smiles and laughter, friendship and understanding of the ladies I have met throughout 13 the years of circling, are my best vitamins a doctor can ever prescribe☺.

I will be thankful for the chance given to be a member of a committed LCI team throughout the time of serving the Association in the Board. I will use my professional knowledge and experience
to put forward the best practices of our Association to the world. And I will do my very best as a person to give my heart to make valuable and unforgettable moments together. Because when I
circle, my soul sings.

Yours faithfully in friendship & service,
Ilze Sipkevica

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