Hildur Halldorsdottir – LCI VP Candidate – 2018

//Hildur Halldorsdottir – LCI VP Candidate – 2018

Hildur Halldorsdottir – LCI VP Candidate – 2018

Dear Ladies

I believe we all share the same passion, it is the love of Circling! Ten years ago I was invited to my first club meeting and even though I knew what Ladies Circle was about, I wasn‘t sure if this was something for me. Now, all those years later I can not think of my life without Circling and how my life would be if I was not part of Ladies Circle. It is amazing how one can grow in all aspects of life only by being a member of such a great association.

Who am I?

I am, almost 40 years old, married to Jón Ísleifsson, a Tabler, and we have two   daughters and one dog. Professionally I am the head Biomedical Scientist at the Pathology Department at the Akureyri Hospital. I am an active member of Ladies Circle 7, Akureyri, Iceland. We try to combine our family life as much as we can into the amazing life of Circling and Tabling. I love outdoor activities in particular running and hiking. I love travelling and experiencing different cultures, food and wine.

I am creative, open minded, ambitious, positive, confident, honest and hard working person. I am constantly seeking new challenges and opportunities and I believe that everyone should follow their dreams and jump at the opportunities as they arise. It does not matter how big or small they are, in the end we always make the right decision.

Why Vice President of Ladies Circle International?

Why is a small word but the question is big. When I think of Ladies Circle all those words starts to come to my mind….. friends, opportunities, service, circling, passion, smile, travelling, inspiration,charity, hearts, love…. All those words and more are the reason I am applying for the position of VicePresident of Ladies Circle International because when combined they stand for Ladies Circle.

I truly care about Ladies Circle and I do have a vision and goal should I be elected Vice President.

Firstly, the Association needs to grow, not only by increasing the number of the member countries but more by increase our members and clubs within the member countries. To do this we need to start the process within ourselves and I believe we, as association, have the power and the knowledge to go out there and be visible and attractive to new members, especially younger women.

Secondly, my vision is also about how to attract and inspire young women to become Ladies. I know that with creative ideas and joined forces we can grow stronger than ever. I know that we can be more visible and we can use so many ways to inspire others. Alone I can do so little but together we can achieve so much and I am already seeing it happening with the past LCI Boards. Now is the perfect time to look ahead, to be part of the future and to be one of the most modern women association in the world.

Ladies Circle, has over 80 years of history and has definitely changed over the years and continues to change, despite that the values will still remain the same – Friendship & Service. By inspiring our members to become more invested in Ladies Circle and more visible, we will grow, we will attract more younger women and we will achieve our goals!

Let‘s embrace the future, shape it to the needs of our association and bring it to next level.

Hildur Halldórsdóttir, LC Iceland

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