Dear Circlers, friends and sisters,

We wish your dreams to end no more and the furious desire to achieve some. We wish you to respect the differences of others, because the merit and value of each are often to be discovered. Finally, we wish you never to give up research, adventure, life, love, because life is a wonderful adventure. We wish you to be proud of yourself and happy, because happiness is our true destiny.

You are our inspiration, please click here to see the resume of your Half Year Reports.

Our lovely VP Alexandra did a great job by not only creating a written report, but also a recorded file, so you can listen to this report. You can find this on the website.


Kenza Sbihi

LCI President 2018-19

My dream for 2019 is to inspire the world with you all my diamond Ladies.
Thanks to our achievements:

  • To finish building Happy heart home as expression of our solidarity
  • To see all the countries onboard in the Circler.World to strength our fraternity
  • To create a legal structure for our organisation to empower our unity

Alexandra Bennett

LCI Vicepresident 2018-19

My dream for 2019 is that nothing dims the light that shines from within you and we use our power as women together to lift each other up.

Anne Ahlefelt

LCI Immediat Past President 2018-19

My dream for 2019 is that kindness will take over the world. We can do this if we all keep on doing acts of kindness, every day, all year round. Starting by being kind to ourselves and then we just keep on spreading kindness around us where ever we are. When we all commit to being kind to ourselves, our loved ones and everyone we meet – we will change the world slowly, one kind act at the time. That’s my dream!

Prachi Agarwal

LCI Treasurer 2017-19

My dream for 2019 is to look forward for LCI to evolve more and more and keep growing….!! For more members to travel with Circlers, avail of our funds and enjoy the warmth and spirit of friendship.

Marieke van Gent

LCI Secretary 2018-20

My dream for 2019 is that all Ladies stay strong, believe in yourself and never stop chasing your dreams!

Criss Lengyel

LCI Weblady 2017-19

My dream for 2019: Ladies, if you have dreams, goals, don’t be afraid to work hard and the results you are dreaming about, they will be more than you can imagine!

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