Summary of Half Year Reports  – January 2019

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It has been an absolute pleasure reading what each of the countries have been up to in the first 6 months of the international circle year. I’ll start by being honest and open as I value these things personally, I’ve never in 12 years read ALL the Half Year reports before!! I know shocking … so I say this sincerely, please do spend the time to read the news from your fellow countries it has truly Inspired me. I’ve received news from 36 Countries so here in is a resume of the theme’s and trends I have picked out, please excuse me if I’ve missed a critical element but I hope this will share our news with you all.

Firstly, let’s celebrate together the Charter of new Circles’, Welcome ladies to the best organisation in the world, why not find them on Facebook, Instagram and give them a like make these new ladies feel welcome.

  • LC Kathmandu Royal Ladies, Nepal
  • LC 51 Hasselt, Belgium
  • LC 4 Kayanza Province, Botswana
  • LC 11 Tallinn, Estonia
  • LC Sarreguemines, France
  • LC Montceau Les Mines, France
  • LC Beeston, GB&I
  • LC 162 Pilibhit, India
  • LC Ahmedabad Leading Edge, India
  • LC 3 Tunis, Tunisia
  • LC Santton, South Africa
  • LC Krugersdorp, South Africa
  • LC Leipzig, Germany
  • And coming soon…6 New Circles in India
  • LC81 Noord West Friesland 30/3/19, The Netherlands
  • LC80 OSS 23/2/2019, The Netherlands
  • LC52, Sint Trudie, 3/19, Belgium
  • LC Eichfeld 16/2/2019, Germany
  • LC Hannover 23/2/2019, Germany
  • LC Freiburg 16/3/2019 , Germany

Why not see if you can celebrate with these ladies, and welcome them if you maybe have the same number in your club …. #NumberClubExchange
Our Motto is #Friendship & #Service and there is no shortage of it around the world, many associations have extended friendship, regionally, nationally and Internationally.


LC Burundi have epitomised friendship helping fellow circlers through bereavement of family  members, the gift of a new child and the loss of a former circler.
LC Belgium & LC Sweden both have initiatives to reorganise ladies at the national AGM who have 100% attendance at their own circle meetings but go beyond and circle with other circles in their area, attend half year meetings and national events … and it’s working! Who doesn’t love a competition?
Similarly, LC Denmark’s pin this year is a Heart of two halves, a circler keeps one half for herself and gives the other to a new member, a lovely way of promoting extension.

LC Finland board make sure the board is represented at activitieslocally, nationally and internationally supporting their godchild LC Estonia at the charter of LC11 Tallinn.

LC India have had a month dedicated to fellowship, encouraging circlers ‘just to meet’ do something,do nothing, but capture it and share it one the biggest events in this month was 66 circlers went to Bangkok for the weekend, as friendship trip to remember I’m sure.

LC Nepal held a fantastic safari of fellowship challenging themselves and building strong bonds offriendship along the way.

LC Norway host a new members lottery encouraging each of the 62 clubs to become 20 members strong.

LC Portugal hosted circlers from the newly charter LC Spain to share best practices.

LC Sweden have hosted many funs, friendship evening with a competitive element which has helped drive participation.

I have been blown away reading the amount of lives that have been positively impacted by Circlers around the world in the last 6 months, #Service is in our hearts.

LC Botswana continue to work very hard on Happy Hearts Home, I’d encourage all countries to get involved in any little way you can. I’m in awe of the ladies who walked in Pink Stiletto’s for the Cancer association of Botswana, impressive in those heels!
LC Austria joined LC Romania and Side by Side with Round Table delivered Christmas parcels in
LC Belgium donated ‘Christmas in a Box’ and LC Denmark donated 2,400 Christmas gifts to under privileged children.

LC France raised money for the national children’s liver disease association by running food stands at a national event.

LC GB&I volunteered side by side with Round Table on Santa’s sleigh and raised money for children in need by organising walks in the country and selling raffle tickets at a national festival, as well as one circle raising awareness of organ donation through publishing a calendar.

LC Germany worked Side by side with Round Table, Tangent and 41 Club to deliver 157,000 gifts in 45 vehicles to Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Lemberg

LC Hong Kong packed and distributed more ‘Box’s of Hope’ this Christmas than ever before they also volunteered at the Round Table Pedal Kart rally and have been nominated for a Caring Company awarea recognition from the Hong Kong government for charity work.

LC India have donated 60,000 Sanitary pads, 200 Footballs, 100 Cycles, covered medical costs for 50 pregnant ladies, as well as a huge impact with donations for the Kerala Flood Relief. they have impacted 1.4 Million lives.

LC Israel have been empowering teenage girls by organising activities twice a month as well as fun workshops for the elderly and sports for those with disabilities.

LC Latvia have been supporting their elderly community and hosted pop up brunches to raise funds,they were also instrumental in an exhibition of life stories of the senior citizens which was both inspiring and thought provoking.

LC Lithuania ran a campaign to donate a dress to a women’s crisis centre as well as working Side by Side on other projects.

LC Luxembourg worked side by side to arranged a cinema morning for over 200 children from a local children’s home.

LC Madagascar have been distributing juices to children and the elderly.

LC Malta arranged a BBQ and Bingo night for a Young person’s homeless shelter, Side by Side Cooking competition, baking and selling mince pies for charity as well as Christmas presents for a local children’s home.

LC Morocco are creating a home for 10 girls to fullfil their potential when life has been tough for them, and distributed 550 alignment bags to those in need side by side with 41 Club, Agora and Round Table.

LC Nepal have constructed new classrooms for a local primary school and are planning on building a day care centre for those with Cerebral Palsy

LC Norway helped raise money for children with critical illness by supporting a Cycle team, the same cycle team will wear the LC Norway logo, what a great promotion.

LC Portugal collected clothes and supplies for children.

LC Romania are campaigning for awareness of struggling premature babies and donated an incubator.

LC Singapore have volunteered side by side with Round Table at a home for the intellectually infirm as well as contributing meals and supplying towels, shower and sanitary products.

LC Slovenia donated gifts and ran an event for children who are less fortunate.

LC South Africa had a very successful cupcake day once again and raised much needed funds for oncology patients and families, and took the lead in October to get us all involved in Breast Cancer awareness.

LC Switzerland have supported meditech for Children in Cameroon.

LC The Netherlands are working on awareness of Neuro fibromatosis and raising funds for research.

LC Tunisia are supporting disadvantaged babies who are subject to ill-treatment or deprived

LC USA Fulfilled 5 letters to Santa for children in need.

A Common theme has developed in many of the reports, where circles are focused on supporting young women with mental health problems, but it’s also increasingly clear that circle and ladies are focused on our members health, both physical and mental wellbeing.

LC India, LC Lithuania have been encouraging health through fitness as well as meditation and spreading the work of inspirational women through social media.

LC Norway held a speaker event to strengthen each other in everyday life, Being Brave.

LC Slovenia hosted an event around female courage and Slovenian alpine climbers a truly inspirational evening.

LC Sri Lanka are working to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues in Sri Lanka.

LC USA Promoted fitness by encouraging members to use Peloton and go for a ride.

LC Zimbabwe have been working with Orphanages and old people’s homes to help those in need.


Structurally the professionalisation of associations is taking shape, LC Belgium have been working on branding and social media exposure and are super excited to be the first association that will go live in Circler. World.

LC Romania are focusing on social media, Facebook and Instagram.

LC Germany are making structural changes to accommodate growth and are aiming to move from 7 – 10 areas, as well as working on corporate and design guidelines. They have also moved to Instagram promoting traditions, motto’s aims and objectives in a modern and attractive way.

LC Iceland has also been working on attracting younger women and increasing participation and increase membership.

LC India are working on an induction model for prospective circles.

LC The Netherlands are working on a regional structure and building a PR Committee

LC Norway have launched a new website and introduced a 10 Year pin and 100% attendance pin.


I’ve known for some time that Ladies Circle leads the way with regards to inclusion of the 5 Club family (Round Table, Tangent, Agora and 41 Club), demonstrated by the change in our Aims and Objective, this has shone through in your reports.

#SidebySide AGM’s/Events and some serious fun and fundraising with one or more of the 5 Club family. I started to type all that mentioned it, and ended up with ALL!!

The full LC France board joined to celebrate the charter of a new RT Club and were able to make the Agora Club International event in Gent.

Congratulations to LC Sri Lanka whom a year after charter were all hands-on deck helping host pretours and working side by side with RT Sri Lanka to host an incredible world meeting. It just goes to show what we can do when we support each other.

Ladies you are truly inspirational, and I hope by sharing a synopsis of each of your countries reports you get a feel for the impact our association is having globally.

Be Proud to be a Circler, stand up for your fellow women, and be kind to each other.
Dream, Achieve, Inspire