Femke-van-Raam – LCI VP Candidate – 2019

//Femke-van-Raam – LCI VP Candidate – 2019

Femke-van-Raam – LCI VP Candidate – 2019

Dear Ladies,
This is so exciting!! I am really writing this application letter. I have been thinking about it for years, but now I am doing it, now I am ready, ready to be your Vice President.
First things first: Who is Femke van Raam-Schuurbiers? I am a 39-year-old Lady happily married to Niels van Raam for 12 years already. We know each other since we were 4 and 6 years old, but
the love only came later. We don’t have any children, but we do have a lovely cat.

Together we own Tapavino in Bergen op Zoom, a wine and delicacy business, but my real passion is Van Kiezel naar KEI, my newly registered own business where I empower people and help them to grow. Inspiring people to get the most out of themselves is the most rewarding thing to do!

I love working, but balance in life is very important, so I enjoy Pilates, I love playing with my two nephews, we travel and spend quality time with friends. Besides this all, I have one main and
passionate hobby: Ladies’ Circle!

In 2008 Niels, who was a Tabler at that point, received the national RT magazine. I read an article about LCNL looking for women to start up new Circles. Until then I have never heard about Ladies’ Circle, but I immediately knew: this is what I want! Therefore, it happened and on October 1 st 2011,our Circle was chartered.

Since then I was founding Chairlady of my Circle for the first 3 years, VP/P/IPP of LC the Netherlands from 2013 until 2016, editor of our national Magazine, convenor of the LCI AGM 2019 Rotterdam and currently chairlady of my own Circle since 2017.

Besides that I have joined multiple AGM’s, MTM’s, the national AGM’s of the Netherlands and Belgium, charters of LC USA and LC Spain, special celebrations of LC Austria and LC Belgium, I’ve
visited so many Ladies everywhere in the world and made lifelong friendships. All due to our wonderful organization.

Ladies’ Circle is my passion. I believe in our main motto ‘friendship and service’ and I believe even more in the power that we as Ladies have to make this world a little bit better when we work

What I would like to contribute to our LC world is to let the Ladies see, feel and experience how powerful we truly are. We can accomplish so much when we do things hand in hand. My motto when I was LCNL President was ‘Together we Connect’, and I believe together we really do!

Ladies’ Circle has given me personally so much on a local, national and international level. On local and national level, I have been able with my engagement to give something back. Now I would be really happy to also do this on an international level.

Yours in friendship and service,

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