Application for LCI Board

///Application for LCI Board
Application for LCI Board 2019-05-24T11:54:02+00:00
  • Please complete and submit before the 10th June 2019

  • Date Format: DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • Aims and Objects

    1. To promote international friendship, understanding and goodwill by encouraging members to extend their knowledge of each other and other people.
    2. To promote, coordinate and develop the extension of Ladies’ Circle throughout the world.
    3. To be non-political and non-sectarian.
    4. To promote, co-ordinate & develop working relationships with Round Table International, Tangent Club International, Agora Club International and 41 Club International wherever possible.
    LCI rules regarding nominations:


    • 5-16 No Full Member country may nominate a candidate for the LCI Board without the consent of the candidate. Nominations shall be circulated within and approved by the National AGM or National Board.
    • 5-1 No Full Member country shall nominate the same candidate for two international posts at the same LCI AGM.
    • 5-17 Nominations for the offices of Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Weblady shall be received by the LCI Board by June 10th and shall be sent by her to all Member Countries no later than July 10th
    • 5-19 When there are no candidates for office, nominations from the floor can only be accepted with the consent of the candidate and the support of her own National Board.
    • 5-19 .1) A holder of office on the LCI Board, namely Vice President shall be no more than 42 years by 30th of June, for the year her nomination is send for Vice President, LCI.
    • 5-19. 2) A holder of office on the LCI Board, namely IPP, Secretary, Treasurer and Weblady shall be no more than 44 years of age during the period she is an LCI Officer. If she is 45 years before the 30th of June in her last year in LCI office, she is allowed to continue on the LCI Board until the following LCI AGM.
  • Please ask the National Board of your country sign this approval form before the application is submitted.

    Once it has been signed and the application submitted, please forward to the LCI Secretary by email:

    If the approval formed has not been sent to the LCI Secretary before 10th of June, the application is not valid. If the nominee is the National President, the approval form shall be signed by the National Immediate Past President and the National Vice-President. If the applicant does not fulfil the rules (5-16 – 5-19.2), the LCI Board has the right to decline the application. The Nominee should send with the approval form a short letter about herself (family, circle life, working life etc) and a photograph, suitable for use in the LCI Directory.