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LCI President’s Pin 2019 – 2020

The surplus from the sales of the LCI President’s Pin goes to the International Service Project

The Service Project 2019 – 2021 is

Project Crimson

The pin can be ordered from LCI President

Alexandra Bennett

or from any other Board Member

Price : 5 Euros

Strong Women = Strong World

Hello Ladies! 

What an amazing start to the year we had in Rotterdam.
I can’t thank the conference team enough, if you haven’t seen the video gifted to us all by the team please do check it out on our Facebook page detailed below.
I’m thrilled that so many of you have engaged already with my theme for the year ‘#STRONGWOMENSTRONGWORLD’

What does this mean to me? Well, it means believing in yourself and in the power of women, that we lift each other up and with your #GIRLGANG support you can do anything.
And this Ladies, means we make a difference, to our local communities as well as globally for a Strong World. 

Ladies, the world needs what we’ve got.
So this year I challenge you to spread the word of Ladies’ Circle on social media and by word of mouth and help us make a real impact on period poverty with our international service project, project Crimson.

I’m proud to work Side by Side with an amazing team, who already have shown great energy, passion and enthusiasm. 


Looking forward to an awesome year!

Yours in Friendship,
Alexandra Bennett
President 2019-2020
Ladies’ Circle International

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Shall be paid to:

IBAN No: BE74 6528 3867 3907
Swift/BIC Code: HBKABE22

Fees are due before October 31st
Capitation Fees are currently set to Euro 6.75 per member.


Shall be paid to:

IBAN No: BE94 6529 6244 6614
Swift /BIC Code: HBKABE22

Please send separate note informing the LCI Treasurer

Alexandra Bennett

General Contact

Femke van Raam
Vice President

LC The Netherlands
General Contact, Circle Charters Greetings

Kenza Sbihi
Immediate Past President

LC Morocco
Extension, Contact Associate Member Countries

Marieke van Gent

LC The Netherlands
Directory Details, AGM Dates & Details, Correspondence

Maya Pavlovic

LC Italy
Capitation Fees, Affiliation Fees, Associate Member Fund, LCI Charity Fund

Lena Widmark

LC Sweden
Administration Website and Social Media

Ladies’ Circle (LC) has its roots set in England where the first Circle was founded in Bournemouth by wives of Round Table members. In 1936 the first English Clubs formed the English National Ladies’ Circle Association (GB&I). At that time, during the war ‘Circling’ was limited to social obligations:

  • helping out at the hospitals
  • running canteens
  • visiting hospitalised people
  • gathering articles of clothing for orphans etc.

In 1947, LC Sweden was founded and was followed by LC Denmark two years later. Contact was made between the members of these first three countries, and on 29 May 1959, an important date in the history of LCI. On this day, at the RTI AGM in Leiden, Holland the three countries established Ladies’ Circle International (LCI). The founder members of LCI were Molly Worley (President), LC GB&I, Jen Ulfvik (Vice President), LC Sweden, Margery Coombe (Secretary), LC GB&I, and Søs Tarp (Treasurer), LC Denmark.

The Constitution was drawn up, based on equality of all MemberAssociations within an international structure. From this developed the Aims and Objects:

  1. To promote international friendship, understanding and goodwill by encouraging members to extend their knowledge of each other and other people.
  2. To promote, coordinate and develop the extension of Ladies’ Circle throughout the world.
  3. To be non-political and non-sectarian.
  4. To promote, co-ordinate & develop working relationships with Round Table wherever possible.

Ladies’ Circle expanded into new countries and other continents. In 1959 LC Finland was founded, followed by LC Norway in 1961, LC Belgium and LC Hong Kong in 1967, LC France and LC India in 1970, LC Kenya in 1971 and LC Germany in 1972.

At the 1994 AGM, a significant rule change was passed; following which Ladies’ Circle International became totally independent from Round Table. Ladies’ Circle is now open to all women between the ages of 18 and 45.

In 2006 LCI & RTI signed a Memorandum of Understanding between the two clubs to encourage a closer relationship whilst assisting each other. Referred to as the ‘Side by Side’ (SBS) Agreement for which two pins have been produced. Proceeds from sale of pins go towards International Charity projects for Ladies’ Circle and Round Table respectively.

At the AGM in 2010 it was agreed to recognize and respect this Memorandum of Understanding and the ongoing cooperation between the two organisations by adding item 4 in the Aims and Objectives – see above.

Today LCI is an InternationalServiceOrganisation represented by approximately 12,100 members, in 39 countries across continents Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.

The motto of LCI is ‘Friendship & Service’.

When you join Ladies’ Circle (LC) you normally attend a meeting of a local Circle in your town/village. There you will make friends with members of that Circle. Eventually you will attend an Area meeting and meet Circlers in that Area and after that you will attend the country’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) and meet many more Circlers. Following this you may opt to attend the LCI AGM and then meet lots of Circlers from all over the world. As you can see friendship may be experienced, locally, nationally and internationally. It is a remarkable experience sharing a bond with ladies from different parts of the globe, different cultures, different upbringing and yet, sharing one common goal and language true Friendship.

Every Circler endeavours to make a difference to those less fortunate than them by supporting community projects and raising funds for the needy, locally and nationally. Globally Circlers also support an International Service Project (ISP) which runs for two years. Sometimes it is only when we see, feel and touch that we can truly appreciate the need however if one is inquisitive it is easy to learn about the needs of others and as they say ‘The Sky is the Limit’! The good feeling Circlers experience when they help others is something indescribable – it is all about Service.

The Administrative Side
Locally a Circle is formed, this Circle is affiliated to an Area, and the Area is then affiliated to a Country. The Country then falls under the association of Ladies Circle International. Each Circle, Area and Country hold an AGM where office bearers are elected, financial reports are presented and discussed together with other associated business.
The highlight of the year is the Ladies Circle International AGM where all the Countries join together. Each year the International AGM is held in a different Country as decided through a vote by Councillors. The international office bearers are also elected at this AGM, and become the International Board.

[cq_vc_datatable label1=”PERIOD” label2=”PROJECT” label3=”COUNTRY” label4=”COORDINATOR”][cq_vc_datatable_item data1=”1999-2001″ data2=”Sushma Koirala Memorial Hospital” data3=”Nepal” data4=”LC Germany”][cq_vc_datatable_item data1=”2001-2003″ data2=”Prevention and care of children with protein energy malnutrition” data3=”Zambia” data4=”LC Zambia”][cq_vc_datatable_item data1=”2003-2005″ data2=”Ma’Ma Rachel” data3=”Philippines” data4=”LC Norway”][cq_vc_datatable_item data1=”2005-2007″ data2=”Nepal Highlander Orphan children’s care association” data3=”Nepal” data4=”LC Denmark”][cq_vc_datatable_item data1=”2007-2009″ data2=”Sanitation at rural Indian Schools SARIS” data3=”India” data4=”LC GB&I”][cq_vc_datatable_item data1=”2009-2011″ data2=”ECPAT International & Youth Partnership Project” data3=”Chile, Mexico, Cameroon & Kyrgyzstan” data4=”LC Sweden”][cq_vc_datatable_item data1=”2011-2013″ data2=”Viva Con Aqua” data3=”Ethiopia” data4=”LC Germany”][cq_vc_datatable_item data1=”2013-2015″ data2=”Children of the Dump” data3=”Cambodia” data4=”LC Belgium”][cq_vc_datatable_item data1=”2015-2017″ data2=”Little Big Help” data3=”India” data4=”LC Denmark”][cq_vc_datatable_item data1=”2017-2019″ data2=”Happy Hearts” data3=”Botswana” data4=”LC Botswana”][/cq_vc_datatable]