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Dear Circlers, friends and sisters, We wish your dreams to end no more and the furious desire to achieve some. We wish you to respect the differences of others, because the merit and value of each are often to be discovered. Finally, we wish you never to give up research, adventure, life, love, because life is a wonderful adventure. We wish you to be proud of yourself and happy, because happiness is our true destiny. You are our inspiration, please click here to see the resume of your Half Year Reports. Our lovely VP Alexandra did a great job by not only creating a written report, but also a recorded file, so you can listen to this report. You can find this on the website. Kenza Sbihi LCI President 2018-19 My dream for 2019 is to inspire the world with you all my diamond Ladies. Thanks to our achievements: To finish building Happy heart home as expression of our solidarity To see all the countries onboard in the Circler.World to strength our fraternity To create a legal structure for our organisation to empower our unity Alexandra Bennett LCI Vicepresident 2018-19 My dream for 2019 is that nothing dims the light that shines from within you and we use our power as women together to lift each other up. Anne Ahlefelt LCI Immediat Past President 2018-19 My dream for 2019 is that kindness will take over the world. We can do this if we all keep on doing acts of kindness, every day, all year round. Starting by being kind to ourselves and then we just keep on spreading kindness around us where ever we are. When we all commit to being kind to ourselves, our loved ones and everyone we meet [...]

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LCI President 2018 – 2019 Kenza Sbihi

I believe that each one of us has a dream in our heart.  I’m not talking about winning the lottery (even if I will not be unhappy if it happens to me) …  I’m talking about a vision deep inside that speaks to the very soul.  It’s the thing we were born to do.  It appeals to our highest ideals. It is inseparably linked to our life purpose. Dream Our dreams guide us, act as a compass and help us to choose a path. Dreams help us to increase our potential and to tap into our greatest resources within us, and around us. Dreams add values in our life: the same work take on a new meaning when we add vision, emotion and bring our dreams to life. Achieve Dare to achieve your dreams: You were not born as a winner or a loser …You were born as chooser!!! In reality, many people are simply too scared to go after their dreams because they are afraid of failure. I am here to tell you that no matter what stage of life you are in, you can achieve your dreams: If you can dream it, you can do it…. Develop and gain Self confidence in order to take up opportunities that cross your path. Don’t let your dream sit on the shelf. Live them. Breathe them. Be that change you want. Stretch beyond your comfort zone. If you’re not making yourself at least a little uncomfortable, you’re not going to the next level. Learning to deal with discomfort is an important part of growing. If you have enough motivation, anything is possible Be brave enough to let your creativity shine. The most important step towards exploring your potential is to realize that you’re more creative than you think. We all are. Inspire I have [...]

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LCI President 2017-2018 Anne Ahlefelt

Aloha Ladies! I choose to greet you with an “Aloha” because it isn’t just a regular greeting. The “Aloha” is much more and always comes with a true sense of respect and love for the other. And I truly have immense respect and love for all of you and our association. It is such an honor and privilege to stand here in front of you today as your Incoming President. I feel gratitude, joy, excitement, but also a bit nervous, stepping into the role as President after these awesome Ladies. And to fill these shoes is no easy task, because Presidents before me, for decades, have all done so much for this association. They have built a great foundation and I want to continue building on that. To build an association that is great, solid, worldwide, growing, current and well-known and with a fantastic future is not easy. And it is not done by anyone alone. It is done by all of us – together. It is when we are focused and working together that we can achieve greatness. So let’s keep focusing on the two initiatives that were introduced a year ago, Charity March and Number Club Exchange. You all took these initiatives in and made them bloom. Now let us continue doing that and focus on doing more good and having more international friendship. I would also want us to focus more on networking and working side-by-side with our fellow associations, Round Table, Tangent, Agora and 41 Club Ladies’ Circle is an amazing association with over 12000 members. What an amazing network for doing charity and sharing friendship. Not to mention what a fantastic network of smart and capable women, professionals and experts in all kinds of fields. Let’s use this network and the knowledge of each other [...]

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