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/LCI Board Application

Marieke van Gent – LCI Secretary Candidate – 2018

Ladies’ Circle has become a big important part of my life since a couple of years. As I joined Ladies’ Circle in 2011, I wasn’t aware of this importance. My life turned upside down in 2014 due to a divorce, but Ladies’ Circle helped me out. The warmth and power of all these lovely Ladies in the world made me open up and showed me all the beauty around the world. The main reason of my submission for the role of Secretary is my strong wish to create an even stronger and more powerful worldwide woman organization. All the Ladies in the world can make a difference, but then we have to find each other in a real easy way. I want to be the Secretary of LCI to see what we can achieve together. We are in a digital world, where all information can be available for every Lady. I would love to work on that by for example creating a Ladies platform or providing information in a different way. In my daily life I work as an independent IT manager for different companies in the Netherlands. I live in Hengelo, near the German border, partly (50%) with my 2 precious kids, my boy Nout (10 yr) and my girl Fleur (8 yr). Last 3 years I was a national board member in the Netherlands and we achieved some major changes in digitalization. That experience I will take with me in the LCI Board. I’ve been travelling for Ladies’ Circle these 3 years quite often (NY, Cape town, Iceland, Sønderborg, Luxembourg, Singapore and so on) and that’s why I know for sure all Ladies, wherever in the world are ready for Ladies’ Circle 3.0! The beauty of our organisation is the diversity of all Ladies but even so much [...]

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Hildur Halldorsdottir – LCI VP Candidate – 2018

Dear Ladies I believe we all share the same passion, it is the love of Circling! Ten years ago I was invited to my first club meeting and even though I knew what Ladies Circle was about, I wasn‘t sure if this was something for me. Now, all those years later I can not think of my life without Circling and how my life would be if I was not part of Ladies Circle. It is amazing how one can grow in all aspects of life only by being a member of such a great association. Who am I? I am, almost 40 years old, married to Jón Ísleifsson, a Tabler, and we have two   daughters and one dog. Professionally I am the head Biomedical Scientist at the Pathology Department at the Akureyri Hospital. I am an active member of Ladies Circle 7, Akureyri, Iceland. We try to combine our family life as much as we can into the amazing life of Circling and Tabling. I love outdoor activities in particular running and hiking. I love travelling and experiencing different cultures, food and wine. I am creative, open minded, ambitious, positive, confident, honest and hard working person. I am constantly seeking new challenges and opportunities and I believe that everyone should follow their dreams and jump at the opportunities as they arise. It does not matter how big or small they are, in the end we always make the right decision. Why Vice President of Ladies Circle International? Why is a small word but the question is big. When I think of Ladies Circle all those words starts to come to my mind….. friends, opportunities, service, circling, passion, smile, travelling, inspiration,charity, hearts, love…. All those words and more are the reason I am applying for the position of VicePresident of [...]

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Alexandra Bennett – LCI VP Candidate – 2018

Dear Ladies of the World, My name is Alexandra Bennett (Alex) I'm 42 years old and I’ve been a Circler for the past 11 years. I'm single and live in Stamford, Lincolnshire, in the east of England, north of London. I’m at present restarting Stamford Ladies Circle as I moved with my job a few years ago and whilst I’m still active and support my current Circle in Blackburn, the 8 hour round trip is not that practical in the middle of the week. I’m thankful to the local Circles in my new area for making me truly welcome, which of course I never doubted as that's what Circle is all about. I’ve an incredibly strong family in my Mother, Sister, her husband and my Niece and Nephew whom I love, adore and spend as much time as possible with. They’ve championed me through 5 years on GB&I’s National Exec and are my rock of support along with fellow Circler's whom I've had the fortune of meeting locally, nationally and internationally. I work as a Strategic Marketing Manager for a company that has a global customer base which has enabled me during my work travels to meet up with Circlers all over the world from visiting a prison in Norway,to a temple in India... 'Only in Ladies Circle’. Equally, it’s as much about the personal, insightful conversations where you discover the cultural differences that shape us - every experience is one that I will treasure. It's also true, that Circlers always know the best places to eat (and drink)! The ladies I’ve met on my travels, have always made me feel so welcome and I can only hope to return that hospitality and maybe a G&T if any Circler visits the UK. I ‘Jumped on Board’ with Ladies Circle and mad e the most of every opportunity, [...]

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