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Maya Pavlovic – LCI Treasurer Candidate – 2019

Dear LCI board, Dear LCI councilors My name is Maya Pavlovic and is a pleasure for me meeting you through this brief presentation. I was born in Serbia, in a family who gifted me with a happy and generous life. Unfortunately, the politic conditions during the 90s in Serbia pushed me and my child to leave my family and move to Italy, for a brand-new beginning. In 2012, in Italy, I have met the Round Tabler’s world, who brought me two big presents: Ladies Circle and my husband. It has been 3 years since I have joined Ladies Circle Italia and since I had the chance to get to know marvellous people, that has become a kind of extended family to me, where I have found my best and true friends. Applying for the International Treasury position, is an act of care towards who has given me so much. Taking care of our finances is like taking care of all the Ladies Circle’s world. My job as Manager of the Technical and Purchasing Office of a company operating in the naval field, is a mansion that requires attention, accuracy and a special eye on details. Something that I could for sure bring also in this new opportunity. For me this role will be a further evidence of how much I can donate to our Association. During the years, in order to realize my daughter’s dreams, I have worked hard giving my best in each job I was assigned to, trying to get the best out of every situation. This is who I am: a person that loves helping others through my work and this is what I want to give to the Ladies Circle, because, as John Donne once wrote, “No man is an island” and I would like to [...]

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Airi Arrak – LCI Weblady Candidate – 2019

Dear Ladies Circle International and Ladies all over the world My name is Airi Arrak and I am 37 years old. I live in Tallinn and I am a mother of two children, son Kert and daughter Kelly. I have studied art and infotechnology. Last 1,5 year I have worked in the largest quality daily newspaper in of Estonia Postimees as a news media assistent. I started in Ladies Circle 2010 in LC6 Pärnu. I was vice president 2010-2011 and club president 2011-2012. For the change in living circumstances I moved in Tallinn and became member 2014 of LC5 Tallinn. From 2014 to 2016 I was at the LCE board member as Weblady. I have been LC5 secretary season 2016-2017. I was LCE board member as vice president and Im ending this June my year as LC Estonia national president. I attended MTM in 2014 Estonia, Luxemburg 2018 and Lithuanian 2019. LCI AGM 2017 in Denmark and Norway 2018. I'm glad to see you in the LCI AGM Rotterdam 2019. For the last 1,5 years my passion has been running. I run marathons. I am proud of that, as every day I inspire anyone to start a healthier lifestyle and start with sports. I truly like to spend my free time with my children and LCE friends, I love walks in nature and travel. Im active, energetic, kind-hearted and on two feet on earth and constantly ready to discover and learn new things. My eyes are shining and I'm full of energy when I can be in middle of the LC family. I am enthusiastic and believe in myself: I now I am a good candidate for LCI weblady position. LC is my passion, my life! In a circle with you - Friendship and Service! Airi Arrak

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Lena Widmark – LCI Weblady Candidate – 2019

DEAR LCI BOARD, DEAR LCI COUNCILORS, There are moments in life when we are presented with an opportunity and the choice we make end up being a turning point. Like asking out the man whom you will later marry or maybe choosing a new career path for instance. For me being invited to my first Ladies Circle meeting in 2011 was one of those life-altering opportunities. Now here I am, reaching for a new fantastic opportunity! For these are exciting times! LCI is taking a huge step to bring circlers together all around the world. I have just ended my two-year appointment as national weblady for LC Sweden. During the past two years I’ve managed our member- and event-database and when our national board tasked me with finding a new, more current, solution I found The best way to learn more is always to get involved so I contacted the project team to offer my services. It has been amazing seeing our associations join up and migrate into I truly feel that this is the future for LCI. I also believe that this step to bring us all closer will drastically change the role of weblady over the next few years. That is the reason I asked LC Sweden to support me as a candidate for LCI weblady. As well as being a circler, I'm wife the of a triathlete, mother of two wifi-abusing teenagers and, eight hours a day, application manager for the PLM system at an automotive company. I have worked with IT for close to 20 years. My experience spans from user support, systems development and database architecture to project management, quality assurance and process development. With the new platform, you will need a weblady who can work together with the project team and [...]

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Ravo Brenda – LCI VP Candidate – 2019

Dear Ladies of the world My name is Ravo Brenda Rakotovelomanantsoa, I m 39 years I am ladies from 2007. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother who all support me for my candidate. I love this organization where I can feel more than a family. I live with my son who have 10 years old. I was divorced 6 years back but I never give up because I had the ladies Circle with me. Through the ladies, round table, club 41, Agora, I shine and have some strenght to live this wonderful life with a lot of adventure. The smile of my son give me the positives waves to be what I am now. I go for the next step and new challenge. I work in my own business in the mining where I growed myself in public relations. Ladies, lifes goes on and gives you always opportunity to grow and to be happy. I m active in our organization to promote the side by side. The friendship is very important to walk,work and settle . I was in local and National Board during 7 years to make the ladies as one with their difference, their strenght and work together with a lot of smile. So why not to be in the international Board to follow the work of my elder sisiter to promote the friendship and service around the world. Let’s shine, let’s dream and achieve because we are one. Ravo Brenda

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Ilze Sipkevica – LCI VP Candidate – 2019

Dear LCI Board, dearest ladies, I come from Latvia and live in my beloved hometown and the capital of Latvia– Riga. I have also lived in the U.K., London, for 2 years for my Marketing and Communication studies. I work as a Marketing Manager in Baltics for the Foodservice company delivering a variety of food products to HoReCa and Retail Clients in Baltics. I’m married and have a 4 years old son and full support from my family to challenge myself for the new experience within the Ladies’ Circle Association. I joined Ladies' Circle community in 2006. Since then it has been a life-changing and exciting journey – meeting friendly, caring and motivated ladies in meetings and events locally and internationally. By becoming a member of the Association I have been growing as a person in every possible way – meeting wonderful, committed and active women – learning by sharing experiences the way Association works on a National scale in different countries, getting inspired the way service projects are carried out locally and nationally. I have learned to understand more, to love more, to achieve more. I believe that the happiness is in experiencing the road, not only aiming for the targeted cornerstone without seeing what surrounds us – places, people, their lives and history, their dreams and aspirations. Therefore, hearing others, understanding the personal motivation, respecting individuality and a human compassion are allies in my own road. With this feeling at heart I wish to contribute and continue the great work that the LCI Board is leading on with such wonderful board members, councilors and projects, like “Circler.World”, branding, website, legal status and more. I will put all my best effort and communication abilities to promote our organization, the wonderful purpose of LCI and continue achieving the set goals, [...]

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Femke-van-Raam – LCI VP Candidate – 2019

Dear Ladies, This is so exciting!! I am really writing this application letter. I have been thinking about it for years, but now I am doing it, now I am ready, ready to be your Vice President. First things first: Who is Femke van Raam-Schuurbiers? I am a 39-year-old Lady happily married to Niels van Raam for 12 years already. We know each other since we were 4 and 6 years old, but the love only came later. We don’t have any children, but we do have a lovely cat. Together we own Tapavino in Bergen op Zoom, a wine and delicacy business, but my real passion is Van Kiezel naar KEI, my newly registered own business where I empower people and help them to grow. Inspiring people to get the most out of themselves is the most rewarding thing to do! I love working, but balance in life is very important, so I enjoy Pilates, I love playing with my two nephews, we travel and spend quality time with friends. Besides this all, I have one main and passionate hobby: Ladies’ Circle! In 2008 Niels, who was a Tabler at that point, received the national RT magazine. I read an article about LCNL looking for women to start up new Circles. Until then I have never heard about Ladies’ Circle, but I immediately knew: this is what I want! Therefore, it happened and on October 1 st 2011,our Circle was chartered. Since then I was founding Chairlady of my Circle for the first 3 years, VP/P/IPP of LC the Netherlands from 2013 until 2016, editor of our national Magazine, convenor of the LCI AGM 2019 Rotterdam and currently chairlady of my own Circle since 2017. Besides that I have joined multiple AGM’s, MTM’s, the national AGM’s of the Netherlands [...]

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Anna Andersson – LCI VP Candidate – 2019

Dear LCI board, dear LCI councilors, Ever since I was a child, Ladies Circle has been a part of my life. My mother was, and still is, a very active circler and my sister and I have similar memories of her preparing to go to meetings every second week. Memories that our mother has as well from when she was a child, watching her mother do the same. I am a third-generation circler with a burning passion for Ladies Circle. In fact, I consider being a circler as a way of life, and I embrace this lifestyle to the fullest. I am a 35 year old, single and active woman who live in Göteborg, Sweden. When I am not working as a finance manager in a little plaiting company, most of my time is spent with LC. Luckily, most of my best friends are circlers as well! This past year, my 6th year as a circler, I have been the national president of Ladies Circle Sweden and it has been the best year of my life. I have grown as a person and I have gathered experiences that I believe will benefit me if I receive your trust to lead our organization in the future. Leading an organization of strong women requires a large dose of diplomacy, letting everyone have a say and listening to all arguments while at the same time having the courage and strength to say enough is enough. Preferably in a warm and understanding way. LC Sweden have had some challenges this year that have allowed me to develop these traits. If I am elected vice president of LCI, I wish to continue the work that have already begun in further connecting all countries of LCI to each other. The joint platform and a mutual [...]

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Dear Circlers, friends and sisters, We wish your dreams to end no more and the furious desire to achieve some. We wish you to respect the differences of others, because the merit and value of each are often to be discovered. Finally, we wish you never to give up research, adventure, life, love, because life is a wonderful adventure. We wish you to be proud of yourself and happy, because happiness is our true destiny. You are our inspiration, please click here to see the resume of your Half Year Reports. Our lovely VP Alexandra did a great job by not only creating a written report, but also a recorded file, so you can listen to this report. You can find this on the website. Kenza Sbihi LCI President 2018-19 My dream for 2019 is to inspire the world with you all my diamond Ladies. Thanks to our achievements: To finish building Happy heart home as expression of our solidarity To see all the countries onboard in the Circler.World to strength our fraternity To create a legal structure for our organisation to empower our unity Alexandra Bennett LCI Vicepresident 2018-19 My dream for 2019 is that nothing dims the light that shines from within you and we use our power as women together to lift each other up. Anne Ahlefelt LCI Immediat Past President 2018-19 My dream for 2019 is that kindness will take over the world. We can do this if we all keep on doing acts of kindness, every day, all year round. Starting by being kind to ourselves and then we just keep on spreading kindness around us where ever we are. When we all commit to being kind to ourselves, our loved ones and everyone we meet [...]

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LCI President 2018 – 2019 Kenza Sbihi

I believe that each one of us has a dream in our heart.  I’m not talking about winning the lottery (even if I will not be unhappy if it happens to me) …  I’m talking about a vision deep inside that speaks to the very soul.  It’s the thing we were born to do.  It appeals to our highest ideals. It is inseparably linked to our life purpose. Dream Our dreams guide us, act as a compass and help us to choose a path. Dreams help us to increase our potential and to tap into our greatest resources within us, and around us. Dreams add values in our life: the same work take on a new meaning when we add vision, emotion and bring our dreams to life. Achieve Dare to achieve your dreams: You were not born as a winner or a loser …You were born as chooser!!! In reality, many people are simply too scared to go after their dreams because they are afraid of failure. I am here to tell you that no matter what stage of life you are in, you can achieve your dreams: If you can dream it, you can do it…. Develop and gain Self confidence in order to take up opportunities that cross your path. Don’t let your dream sit on the shelf. Live them. Breathe them. Be that change you want. Stretch beyond your comfort zone. If you’re not making yourself at least a little uncomfortable, you’re not going to the next level. Learning to deal with discomfort is an important part of growing. If you have enough motivation, anything is possible Be brave enough to let your creativity shine. The most important step towards exploring your potential is to realize that you’re more creative than you think. We all are. Inspire I have [...]

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Marieke van Gent – LCI Secretary Candidate – 2018

Ladies’ Circle has become a big important part of my life since a couple of years. As I joined Ladies’ Circle in 2011, I wasn’t aware of this importance. My life turned upside down in 2014 due to a divorce, but Ladies’ Circle helped me out. The warmth and power of all these lovely Ladies in the world made me open up and showed me all the beauty around the world. The main reason of my submission for the role of Secretary is my strong wish to create an even stronger and more powerful worldwide woman organization. All the Ladies in the world can make a difference, but then we have to find each other in a real easy way. I want to be the Secretary of LCI to see what we can achieve together. We are in a digital world, where all information can be available for every Lady. I would love to work on that by for example creating a Ladies platform or providing information in a different way. In my daily life I work as an independent IT manager for different companies in the Netherlands. I live in Hengelo, near the German border, partly (50%) with my 2 precious kids, my boy Nout (10 yr) and my girl Fleur (8 yr). Last 3 years I was a national board member in the Netherlands and we achieved some major changes in digitalization. That experience I will take with me in the LCI Board. I’ve been travelling for Ladies’ Circle these 3 years quite often (NY, Cape town, Iceland, Sønderborg, Luxembourg, Singapore and so on) and that’s why I know for sure all Ladies, wherever in the world are ready for Ladies’ Circle 3.0! The beauty of our organisation is the diversity of all Ladies but even so much [...]

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