Anna Andersson – LCI VP Candidate – 2019

//Anna Andersson – LCI VP Candidate – 2019

Anna Andersson – LCI VP Candidate – 2019

Dear LCI board, dear LCI councilors,

Ever since I was a child, Ladies Circle has been a part of my life. My mother was, and still is, a very active circler and my sister and I have similar memories of her preparing to go to meetings every
second week. Memories that our mother has as well from when she was a child, watching her mother do the same. I am a third-generation circler with a burning passion for Ladies Circle. In fact, I consider being a circler as a way of life, and I embrace this lifestyle to the fullest.

I am a 35 year old, single and active woman who live in Göteborg, Sweden. When I am not working as a finance manager in a little plaiting company, most of my time is spent with LC. Luckily, most of my best friends are circlers as well!

This past year, my 6th year as a circler, I have been the national president of Ladies Circle Sweden and it has been the best year of my life. I have grown as a person and I have gathered experiences that I believe will benefit me if I receive your trust to lead our organization in the future. Leading an organization of strong women requires a large dose of diplomacy, letting everyone have a say and listening to all arguments while at the same time having the courage and strength to say enough is enough. Preferably in a warm and understanding way. LC Sweden have had
some challenges this year that have allowed me to develop these traits.

If I am elected vice president of LCI, I wish to continue the work that have already begun in further connecting all countries of LCI to each other. The joint platform and a mutual
branding strategy will only benefit us in becoming more visible, and thereby more attractive, to potential circlers. The work has already begun, but in order for it to be effective, we all need to work toward the same goal. It will probably take some time to implement all these changes and I believe that my experiences from LC Sweden can help me in making all countries want to do this. Furthermore, I want to continue developing our presence in social media to attract new members, we need to have a strong presence in the media where our target group is.

I humbly believe that I am the right person to become the vice president, and ultimately the president, of Ladies Circle International and I hope you want to see me in this role as well!

In friendship and service,
Anna Andersson
LC138 Göteborg City, Sweden

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