Alexandra Bennett – LCI VP Candidate – 2018

//Alexandra Bennett – LCI VP Candidate – 2018

Alexandra Bennett – LCI VP Candidate – 2018

Dear Ladies of the World,

My name is Alexandra Bennett (Alex) I’m 42 years old and I’ve been a Circler for the past 11 years.

I’m single and live in Stamford, Lincolnshire, in the east of England, north of London. I’m at present restarting Stamford Ladies Circle as I moved with my job a few years ago and whilst I’m still active and support my current Circle in Blackburn, the 8 hour round trip is not that practical in the middle of the week. I’m thankful to the local Circles in my new area for making me truly welcome, which of course I never doubted as that’s what Circle is all about. I’ve an incredibly strong family in my Mother, Sister, her husband and my Niece and Nephew whom I love, adore and spend as much time as possible with. They’ve championed me through 5 years on GB&I’s National Exec and are my rock of support along with fellow Circler’s whom I’ve had the fortune of meeting locally, nationally and internationally.

I work as a Strategic Marketing Manager for a company that has a global customer base which has enabled me during my work travels to meet up with Circlers all over the world from visiting a prison in Norway,to a temple in India… ‘Only in Ladies Circle’. Equally, it’s as much about the personal, insightful conversations where you discover the cultural differences that shape us – every experience is one that I will treasure. It’s also true, that Circlers always know the best places to eat (and drink)!

The ladies I’ve met on my travels, have always made me feel so welcome and I can only hope to return that hospitality and maybe a G&T if any Circler visits the UK.

I ‘Jumped on Board’ with Ladies Circle and mad e the most of every opportunity, in my year as National President and myself and my fellow exec members ensured that our actions were linked to a long – term strategy for growth and made this visible for the members to see; increasing our social media presence, financial controls and encouraged engagement of members to shape the future of our national association. As a result,we furthered our social media engagement , came in under budget and increased membership.

I would love the opportunity to bring my energy, enthusiasm and experience to the LCI Board.

Yours in Friendship

Alex xxx

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