Alexandra Bennett

General Contact

Femke van Raam
Vice President

LC The Netherlands
General Contact, Circle Charters Greetings

Kenza Sbihi
Immediate Past President

LC Morocco
Extension, Contact Associate Member Countries

Marieke van Gent

LC The Netherlands
Directory Details, AGM Dates & Details, Correspondence

Maya Pavlovic

LC Italy
Capitation Fees, Affiliation Fees, Associate Member Fund, LCI Charity Fund

Lena Widmark

LC Sweden
Administration Website and Social Media

Namrata Shenoy
Regional Chair APAC Region

LC India
General Contact for APAC Region

Sharon Telebwe
Regional Chair African Region

LC Zambia
General Contact for African Region

Martina Santoro
Regional Chair Southern European Region

LC Italy
General Contact for Southern European Region

Ellen Madau
Regional Chair Middle European Region

LC Germany
General Contact for Middle European Region

Lina Nosevic
Regional Chair Nordic Region

LC Lithuania
General Contact for Nordic Region