welcome to ladies’ circle international

We are a global network for women up to the age of 45.
Our motto is “Friendship and Service” and our aim is to promote international friendship, understanding and goodwill by encouraging members to extend their knowledge of each others cultures and lives.

We call it “Circling” and we do it locally, nationally and internationally by arranging meetings, lectures, events, service projects and more.
We build lasting friendships – Ladies’ Circle is the sisterhood you deserve.
Find your local circle and expand your life!

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Find new friends in your own town or on the other side of the world. Ladies’ Circle is about building connections between people. Through understanding, friendship and respect we create a better world together.
With close to 13 000 members in over 40 countries all over the world we are the sisterhood every woman deserves.
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Ladies’ Circle has from its very beginnings in the 1930s, been a service organization.
We give our time, our commitment and we gather funds for different projects around the world. Our national associations often have national service projects and each local circle might have a cause they feel strongly about and contribute to.
On the international level we select a project biannually that all our members support. Currently we are sponsoring Project Crimson – an initiative creating work opportunities for women while at the same time making sanitary products available in rural parts of India.
Together we can improve the quality of life for thousands of women and work towards breaking the stigma of menstruation.
“About bloody time!”

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Join us!

join us!

Ladies’ Circle is open to all women between the age of 18-45, we are non-political and non-sectarian and all about friendship, new experiences, laughter, sisterhood and making a difference in our world.
Your first step is to visit that very first circle meeting as a guest – so get in touch with us and we will help you find your local circle!

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The LCI Board

Executive board

Femke van Raam-Schuurbiers
LC The Netherlands

Mie Vivian Rasmussen
LC Denmark

Immediate Past President
Alexandra Bennett

LC Great Britain & Ireland

Vice President
Anna Andersson
LC Sweden

Yvette Cornelissen
LC South Africa

Lena Widmark

LC Sweden

Board assistants

Media Manager
Kenza Thifa
LC Morocco

Circler World Manager
Marieke van Gent
LC The Netherlands

regional chairs

African Regional Chair
Idah Samulola

LC Zambia

Asia Pacific Regional Chair
Namrata Shenoy
LC India

Middle European Regional Chair
Julia Stürmer

LC Germany

Nordic Regional Chair
Anna Kilappa

LC Finland

Southern European Regional Chair
Martina Santoro

LC Italy

Don’t hesitate to contact any of us – Friendship & Service