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2.1. Ladies’ Circle International (LCI)
2.2. LCI logo, pins, banner and the Candle of Friendship
2.3. LCI Member Countries in 2018-2019
2.4. LCI Charity Project
2.5. How to travel in LC


4.1. How to deal with the information from LCI
4.2. Duties of the National Vice President / Vice Chairman of No. 1 Circle towards LCI
4.3. Duties of the National President / Chairman of the No. 1 Circle towards LCI
4.3.1. How to compile your short 150 word AGM Report
4.4. The duties of the National Immediate Past President and Immediate Past Chairman
of No. 1 Circle towards LCI
4.5. The duties of the National Treasurer / Treasurer of No. 1 Circle towards LCI
4.6. The duties of the National Secretary / Secretary of No. 1 Circle towards LCI



7. LCI CONFERENCE AND THE LCI AGM (Rules 7-1 to 8-26)
7.1. The Conference Program
7.2. The Councillors
7.3. The Councillor’s Meeting (Rules 6-1 to 7-3)
7.4. The LCI AGM (Annual General Meeting) (Rules 7-3 to 7-19 and 8-19 to 8-26)
7.4.1. Overview of the votes of the full member countries
7.4.2. How are the matters dealt with and voted on in the LCI AGM
7.4.3. The Membership Trophy
7.5. The International Contact Meeting
7.6. Tombola
7.7. Applying, arranging and administering the LCI Conference in “nut shell”
7.7.1. How to apply the LCI Conference
7.7.2. How to arrange a LCI Conference
7.7.3. How to administer a LCI Conference

8.1. How Ladies’ Circle normally begins in a new Country
8.2. Guidelines for Godmother Countries
8.3. Economical support for Godmother Countries (2003 Extension Support Fund)9. LCI BOARD

9.1. The President
9.2. The Vice President
9.3. The Immediate Past President
9.4. The Secretary
9.5. The Treasurer
9.6. The Weblady

(available from LCI homepage or LCI Secretary)

2.1. Ladies’ Circle International (LCI)
Ladies’ Circle International (LCI) is an international young women’s organisation established in 1959 by members of the National Ladies’ Circle organisations of Great Britain & Ireland, Sweden and Denmark. The official language of all correspondence and meetings in LCI is English.

2.2. LCI logo, pins, banner and the Candle of Friendship
LCI logo has a motif a compass radiating “Friendship and Service” to all parts of the world. This logo may be used by LCI as a whole. If an individual Member Country wishes to use the LCI logo, it should apply permission from the LCI Board. In the application all the details of the intended use should be described (item, the number of items, distribution etc.).
LCI pins are white with a gold-coloured LCI logo on them. All the Circlers can obtain
this pin from the Conference shop during the LCI Conference or from the LCI Treasurer. Only the LCI Councillors can buy a gold-coloured pin with blue LCI letters on it (Councillor’s pin). At the moment these pins cost Euro 5 and the star brooch Euro 10. LCI has a banner, which is white with in blue the LCI logo on it. This banner is not for sale but the members of LCI Board use it during their visits. At Ladies’ Circle events a Candle of Friendship can be lit to remind us of the motto of Ladies’ Circle and to create the feeling of togetherness among the Circlers all over the world.

2.3. LCI Member Countries in 2017-2018
The Full Member Countries: A country should have at least three active Circles and an active National Board at least for three consecutive years before Full Membership in LCI can be applied or granted. A Full Member Country can vote at the Councillor’s Meeting and at the LCI AGM. The present Full Members are:

The Associate Member Countries: A new LC Country becomes an Associate Member of LCI when the first Circle in that Country has been chartered. Before the first Circle can be chartered, its Aims and Objectives must be accepted by the LCI AGM. The present Associate Members:

LCI Organisation in “nut shell”

The LCI Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held in August / September hosted by a Full Member Country. All members are most welcome to this meeting. The AGM makes decisions about the LCI Rules, determines the capitation fees, elects the officers (LCI Board Members), AGM venues and the LCI Charity Project (every second year). Each Full Member country of LCI has two voting Councillors.

The LCI Council, formed by the LCI Councillors, decides over the Guidelines, accepts the financial report of the Conference and accepts the AGM Agenda. The Council meets normally at the conjunction of the LCI AGM twice a year: The “old” Council in the Councillors’ Meeting before the LCI AGM and the “new” Council in the International Contact Meeting immediately after the LCI AGM.

The International Board, consisting of six members (the President, the Vice President, the Immediate Past President, the Secretary, the Treasurer and the Weblady), runs the affairs of LCI, gives guidance and help to Circlers and to National Associations, promotes Ladies’ Circle and takes care of external relations of LCI. The Board meets four or five times a year.

The Mid-Term Meetings are normally held in January / February. THE LCI COUNTRIES BELONG TO ONE OF THE FIVE the Mid-Term Meeting groups REGIONS, which are the Northern, the Middle-European, the Southern, the African AND THE APAC (2017). These meetings are mainly forums for discussion and of great value in the continued development of LCI. Joint Mid-Term Meetings between two or three areas CAN BE arranged every two years.

LCI’s Internet homepage is to be found at the address: There you can find the most recent information concerning LCI, the decisions of LCI Board and addresses to other LC Countries. The homepage is updated regularly. An Intranet – only accessible for members – has been constructed.

The LCI Charity Project is voted on every second year. Circlers collect money for each project for two years. This project is every Circler’s project and each and every Country should contribute to the chosen project.

The LCI Travel Fund: Money from this fund is available to all members on application (subject to the Guidelines in the LCI Rule Book). The purpose is to promote visits be- tween Circlers from different countries. The Immediate Past President of LCI is the Chairman of this Fund.

The Associate Member Fund: Money from this fund is given to Associate Member Countries in order to support them to participate LCI Conference and AGM. The LCI Treasurer is the Chairman of the Associate Member Fund.

2.4. LCI Charity Project
LCI has a Charity Project, which is voted on at the LCI AGM every second year. Thus, money for each project is collected for two consecutive years. Every full Member Country can propose a new project. The project does not necessarily need to be located in a LC Country, but a LCI Full Member Country must always be responsible for overseeing the project. The funds raised in the Circles should be collected by the National Association (if one exists) which in turn forwards them to the Charity Account of LCI:
ING Bank, Avenue des Combattants 70B, 1490 Court- Saint- Etienne, Belgium
IBAN No: BE94 6529 6244 6614 Swift/BIC Code: HBKABE22

The LCI Treasurer should be informed by e-mail of all donations made. Immediately after the Project has been chosen, an amount of Euro 5000 is handed over to the Project to begin the work. Respectively, at the end of each project, Euro 7500 is left on the LCI Charity Account for the next project. Thereafter, the money is transferred to the project whenever there is a reasonable amount collected in the Charity Account. In addition, the Full Member Country looking after the Charity Project is responsible to give a written report on the progress of the project every half-year (at the LCI AGMs and in December) to all the Member Countries.

The country hosting the ISP must open a separate account for the ISP.

2.5. How to travel in LC
As a Circler you are part of the LCI family of friends, which gives you a wonderful opportunity to travel and meet Circlers in other countries. Apart from LCI Conference you may wish to travel in other LC Countries and meet Circlers and their families, either on a grant from the LCI Travel Fund or privately. Some number-Circle meetings have been arranged between LC-Circles from different countries, but these are up to the activity of the number-Circles themselves. These meetings are not yet very common, but hopefully they’ll become more frequent in the future. There are certain rules and behaviour, which must be observed to make your trip successful and enjoyable. If you are travelling on a Travel Fund grant then it will have been planned in conjunction with the Contact Lady (Vice President) of the country you are visiting. If travelling privately and you wish to make contact with Circlers, let the Contact Lady in the Country (you’ll obtain the contact details from your own Country’s Vice President) know well in advance of your trip when you are coming and where you will be staying. Ask from her some contact details and if you want for e.g. to visit some Circle meetings, contact the Circle in question in advance.

When travelling in LC – please remember:
• Do not expect sight-seeing tours, accommodation or meals free of charge
• Circlers have their families; work and other commitments and you must NOT expect them to wash your clothes for you, as we do not have servants in our homes. There may be a washing machine available for you to use. Neither will Circlers be able to transport you everywhere, as they may not have time.
• Be considerate towards your hosts and if you use the telephone use the “call collect” (re- verse charges) system, the bill will go to your home!
• If you have special dietary requirements let people know in advance or try to fit in with your host.
• Private trips CANNOT be arranged by Contact Ladies, they will be happy to put you in touch with Circlers in the area to which you are going, but you must not expect home hosting.
• Travelling in LCI is at own risk. Personal travelling insurances are recommended.
• If you are invited, you are welcome.
• If you arrive uninvited you may not be welcome.
• “SERVICE” doesn’t mean taking advantage of somebody.
• “FRIENDSHIP” means having a good time together.
Behave like you would wish your guests to behave in your home.

Enjoy your travel.

• The National Officers should pass to the National Boards and to the Circles the information from LCI AGM and other Conference Meetings.
• Information from the National Boards should be distributed to all Circles about the International Service Project
• The first meeting of LCI Board right after LCI AGM (year planner for LCI Board)
• Travel Fund recipients to send their report to the IPP, Treasurer and Weblady
• Change National contact details on LCI Website
The LCI Treasurer sends out the capitation form invoice

• The proposals for items to be discussed at the Mid Term Meetings should be sent to the LCI Vice President and LCI Secretary by October 15th
• The nominations for International Service Project should be sent to LCI Secretary by October 31st (rule 11-3)
• Capitation Fees to LCI must be paid by the October 31st
• Circlers wanting to avail themselves of the LCI Travel Fund to attend MTM should send their applications to the LCI Immediate Past President one month prior to Board Meeting 2 (31st October).

• LCI Board sends the items for discussion in the Mid Term Meetings to organising countries before the 30th November.
• The second meeting of the LCI Board (before November 30th deadline)

• Half Year Reports of the National President and Vice President (respective Chairman and Vice Chairman of the No. 1 Circle) should be sent to all countries and to each member of the LCI Board by December 31st
• Applications for Full Membership of LCI should be with the LCI Secretary no later than December 31st.
• The organising countries should distribute the Agendas and final invitations to the Mid- Term Meetings before DECEMBER 15TH.

• Mid-Term Meetings
• The applications for LCI Travel Fund should be with the LCI Immediate Past President one month prior to BM 3 (31st January), if applying for assistance to attend the LCI AGM.

• International LCI Day on February 11th
• The third LCI Board meeting
• The Mid-Term Meetings minutes should be sent out no later than one month after the Mid-Term meetings to the LCI Board.
• The LCI Secretary will circulate the MTM Minutes to all LCI countries, within two weeks of receipt.

• Take a deep breath

• The registrations for LCI Conference should be sent and paid by May 1st (don’t forget to register the incoming Vice President, if you don’t have her name yet, send a
registration form with a remark, that the name of the Vice President will be given (and the registration paid) later after her election)
• LCI Secretary sends out the Directory forms, Conference Application, LCI Board Nomination Forms to all the LCI Countries.

• The majority of AGM are during May – enjoy your meetings.

JUNE – A very important month in the LCI Calendar
• Any proposals for LCI AGM (rule changes, proposals for LCI Conference venue and nominations for LCI offices) must be with the LCI Secretary by June 10th.
• The Directory details must be sent to LCI Secretary by June 10th
• The membership statement must be sent to the LCI Treasurer by June 10th.
• All short 150 word Annual Reports for the AGM Booklet should be with the LCI Secretary by June 10th.
• The Full Year reports of the Presidents and the Vice Presidents should be circulated to all countries and the WHOLE LCI Board by June 10th.
• The fourth meeting of the LCI Board (preparation of the LCI AGM and other meetings)
• The financial year of LCI ends on June 30th and the books are closed.
• Application for Associate Membership of LCI should be sent to the LCI Secretary by June 10th

• The LCI Secretary sends the Agendas for the LCI AGM and the Councillor’s Meeting to the Member Countries
• The LCI Vice President sends the Agenda for the International Contact Meeting to the Member Countries
• The Vice Presidents/Vice Chairman of the No. 1 Circles should send their Introductory Letter to their colleagues and to the LCI Vice President by the end of July (address list comes from the LCI Vice President)
• The latest date to register to the LCI Conference
• Nominations for the offices of Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Weblady shall be sent by the secretary to all Member Countries no later than July the 10th.
• The agendas of the LCI AGM and the Councillors’ meeting will be sent out by the LCI Secretary no later than July 10th.

• Preparation for LCI AGM.
• LCI Conference
• The final alterations to the LCI Directory details can be made. Host countries for the following years MTM’s should bring invitations to the International Contact Meeting.

It should be noted that all correspondence within LCI will be by e-mail. It is therefore up to each member country to ensure that all correspondence is circulated to the relevant Board Members and Chairmen. This is primarily the responsibility of the President and Vice President, but should they not be the main e-mail contact then that person must ensure that all correspondence is circulated as soon as possible after it has been received.

In the following, what is mentioned about the National President, Vice President and Immediate Past President concerns respectively the Vice Chairman, Chairman or Immediate Past Chairman of the No. 1 Circle, in those Associate Member Countries where no National Board exists. If some of these duties do not concern Associate Member Countries, these are separately mentioned.

4.1. How to deal with the information from LCI
Each member of the LCI Board sends her letters containing important information, questions and reports to the respective National Officer, i.e. the LCI President to National Presidents, LCI Vice President to the National Vice Presidents etc. Most letters and information are forwarded by the LCI Secretary and she sends her letters to the National Presidents (except in GB&I to the NALC Headquarters), all communications are by e-mail. It is of great importance, that all the information received from LCI Board should be copied to all National Board Members / the Members of the No. 1 Circle Board. Especially all the Agendas of the Meetings that are held during the LCI Conference, the short versions of the LCI Board meeting minutes and other general information that is sent out after each LCI Board meeting. All this information should be carefully distributed in the National Boards. This ensures, that our chain of information, both from National level to the International one and vice versa, is sufficient and that everything runs smoothly and without delays. Everyone receiving mail from LCI Board should be responsible to forward it to the person the information concerns and for acknowledging safe receipt of the mail.
All the information that is considered to interest all Circlers should be included in National letters (Nat. Presidential letters) or printed in the National Magazine if one exists. Unfortunately, the LCI Board can only provide information directly to individual Circlers through the Newsletter, via the LCI Internet home page and during the LCI Conference. All the other international information that the Circlers get is dependent on the activity of the National Officers.

4.2. Duties of the National Vice President / the Vice Chairman of No. 1 Circle towards LCI
• As newly elected National Vice President make sure, that you receive all relevant
information from your predecessor. She is the best person to advise you with all practical details.
• In July, you will receive a list of names and addresses of your colleagues from the LCI Vice President. Write an introductory letter about yourself (if possible, with a photo) and send it to all the other National Vice Presidents and to the LCI Board by e-mail.
• As National Vice President you are most welcome to all meetings held in conjunction of the LCI Conference. You will be specifically invited to the International Contact Meeting (held on Saturday) together with your National President. The LCI Vice President sends to you the invitation and the Agenda, therefore make sure that you forward a copy to your National President as well.
• During the LCI Conference you can attend the Councillors’ Dinner on Wednesday evening (provided you have registered and paid for it). On Thursday, there is the Councillors’ Meeting that you attend as an observer (you are entitled to speak but not to vote). Ask for the Agenda from your National President. The Annual General Meeting of LCI is held on Friday and it is unnecessary to mention, that you are most welcome to attend it and to learn for your time as an LCI Councillor.
• If any of the countries are not present at the International Contact Meeting, mail the necessary issues to them after the Conference.
• After the Conference please send a copy of your Introductory Letter to all new members of the LCI Board.
• Write your Half Year Report in December. Send it out by December 31st to all the National Vice Presidents and to all members of the LCI Board by e-mail.
• In your report you should tell at least:
– The number of Circlers and Circles in your country (news about Circles information etc.)
– About the National Board (number of members, issues dealt with at meetings)
– About the National Service Project, if you have one.
– About the interest for international contacts in your country and, of course about your personal experiences as a National Vice President.
– Do not copy the report from your predecessor.
• As the National Vice President, you are the Contact Lady of your Country. This means, that you are responsible to promote international contacts of your Country’s Circles in all possible ways. Also, you are responsible to forward any contact requests from your Country to your colleagues in other Countries and, respectively, to distribute all contact requests from other Countries among the Circlers of your National Association. The Circlers and the Circles ask most often for contact with their number Circles abroad, they look for contacts in local Circles during their stay or their children’s stay abroad, personal pen friends or pen friends for their children. Keep a file on all these requests and try to get some feedback from those contacts forwarded by you. The Internet Homepage of LCI will surely change this system since more and more Circlers will get these personal contacts directly through it. Therefore, it would be very important to collect contact details from all Circles once a year if possible. The Information collected is a great help when contact work is developed within LCI.
• In January, you will participate in the Mid-Term Meeting together with your President.
Make sure you get from your President all the necessary information regarding this meeting (program and agenda). Prepare yourself for the meeting and discuss the items with your President (often discussed in the National Board).
• Remember to register to the LCI Conference and all the meetings before May 1st (remember that at the time of the Conference you’ll be the National President). Don’t forget to take care of the registration of the new Vice President. If she has not been elected yet, send a registration for her with a note that the confirmation of her name and the payment will follow after the date of your AGM Write your full-year report in May and send it out to the other National Vice Presidents and to all the members of the LCI Board not later than June 10th.
• When you become the National President take care, that your newly elected Vice President gets all necessary information to begin her work. Make sure that she gets these guidelines and the last LCI Directory and also give her a copy of the minutes of the last International Contact Meeting. Remember how it was at the beginning of your year.

4.3. Duties of the National President / the Chairman of the No. 1 Circle towards LCI
• At the beginning of your presidential year, in July – August, the National Immediate Past President will receive from the LCI Board the Agendas of the LCI AGM and Councillors’ Meeting. Make sure, that you get a copy of them and give a copy to your Vice President as well. The Agenda of International Contact Meeting will be sent to the newly elected Vice Presidents. Make sure, that you get a copy. Take these agendas (or necessary parts of them) to your National Board or the National Council and consult your National Board or Council on all necessary details and items of the meetings. Advise your Vice President on all details concerning the LCI Conference and meetings.
• At the Conference you represent your National Association. You should attend all the meetings during the Conference: in the Councillors’ Meeting and at the AGM together with the Immediate Past President and the International Contact Meeting together with the new National Vice President.
• If you come from a Full Member Country of LCI you are a voting Councillor together with the National Immediate Past President. In the International Contact Meeting you will be informed of all deadlines and other details, which are relevant during your presidential year. Also, the dates and places of the Mid Term Meetings as well as LCI Board meeting dates. You carry the ultimate responsibility that the capitation fees, all the necessary information, reports, proposals and applications from your Country reach LCI at right time. Bring your Country’s greetings to LCI President’s reception, if requested.

Bring to the Conference:
Agendas of the Councillors’ Meeting, AGM and International Contact Meeting
Minutes of previous year’s Councillors’ Meeting, AGM and International Meeting
Current LCI directory for reference
The poster presenting the activities of your National Association
A copy of your Conference registration form and a receipt for your travel costs to the Conference (to be given to the LCI Treasurer for her to reimburse you or your National Association for the Conference costs, see 4-5: The duties of the National Treasurer)
Any other necessary papers you might need
Every LC Country is free to decide if the councillor will bring banners, pins, gifts (or e.g. instead donates to a social project)

• If your National Association would like something to be included on the agenda of the Mid Term Meetings the proposals should be with the LCI Vice President by October 15th. The Associate Member Countries of LCI are also entitled to propose items on the agenda of the Mid Term Meetings.
• Write and send out your half-year report to all your international colleagues and to all the LCI Board by December 31st.
• In November / December the LCI Board sends you the items for discussion in the Mid Term Meetings. Take them to the National Board and discuss them there. The host country should send out the detailed Agenda of the Mid Term Meetings at this time. Make all travel arrangements. Inform your Vice President of the meetings and give her copies of the relevant papers.
• Remember to register to LCI Conference before May 1st. Make sure, that your Vice President has also registered. You are welcome to register to the entire official pro- gram during the Conference except the International Contact meeting (remember, that at the time of the Conference you will be the Immediate Past President).
• Write a short report (approx. 150 – 200 words) and send it to the LCI Secretary by June 10th. This will be printed in the LCI AGM agenda booklet (see guidelines at end of this section).
• If there are items that you want to put forward to LCI AGM or Councillors’ Meeting (rule or guideline changes, nominations etc.), those should be included on the agenda of your National AGM and all these proposals must be accepted there. The proposals should be with the LCI Secretary by June 10th. Only the Full Member Countries of LCI are entitled to put forward proposals to the LCI AGM and the Councillors’ Meeting.
• Write your full-year report and send it to the National Presidents and to the whole LCI Board by June 10th. Remember to give all your advice and help to your successor. There is a whole lot of information and tradition in all the National Associations that can never be written down. What you have learned should be told to the others and those mistakes, you possibly made should be noted so the same mistakes do not happen again.

4.3.1. 150 words AGM Booklet Reports
Using the points below you should be able to compile a very short informative report on Ladies’ Circle in your country, highlighting special events / projects that have occurred during Circle year.
1. National Board – positions
2. National Council – who is on National Council, if country has one
3. Number of Circles and Areas
4. Capitation fees – National, Area and Circle level
5. New Charters and special anniversaries
6. National Service Projects and Charities
a. What has happened this year
b. Amount raised
7. Mid Term Meeting – if you organised it
8. LCI visits etc. – official visits to other LCI Countries by your Board
9. Round Table – relationship this year and any other service organisations.
10. LCI Conference – estimated number of Circlers attending, nominees for LCI Board
11. LCI Travel Fund – if recipient.

4.4. The duties of the National Immediate Past President/ Immediate Past Chairman of No. 1 Circle towards LCI
After the AGM where you became Immediate Past President, take care that you pass all the necessary files and information to the new President of your National Association.
In July/August you’ll receive the agendas for the LCI AGM and the Councillors’
Meeting. Copy them to the new National President (if she has not got any) and to the newly elected Vice President. In August you will represent your National Association in the LCI Conference as a Councillor together with the new President. As National Immediate Past President you do not need to write half or full-year reports unless you want to do so.

4.5. The duties of the National Treasurer/the Treasurer of No. 1 Circle towards LCI
• LCI reimburses (minus Euro 120) the following to one Councillor of each Full Member Country:
1. Travel from home to the LCI Conference using the cheapest method when
booked in advance
2. Confernce early registration fee
3. The Councillors’ Meeting and lunch
4. AGM lunch
5. The International Contact Meeting and lunch
6. The Gala Dinner

All receipts and copies of the airfare tickets should be given to the LCI Treasurer at the Conference. The Councillors expenses should be agreed with the LCI Treasurer and this agreed amount will be the figure reimbursed. The LCI Treasurer will reimburse the expenses to the National President or National Association within three months after the Conference.Final claims and receipts should be with the LCI Treasurer not later than one month after the conference. If she receives them later the reimbursement will not be made. The LCI Treasurer will not remind you of this. If you do not claim the reimbursement, the share of your Country’s costs is considered to be a donation to LCI. Therefore, if you send the receipts after the Conference, confirm by telephone or e-mail that your claims form has reached the LCI Treasurer. Take note that the National Association or the Councillor herself is responsible for the expenses of the informal dinner on Wednesday, welcome party, tours, home party and farewell brunch.
• For Associate Member Countries LCI reimburses in accordance to the rules of the Associate Member Fund to one representative per country, providing that she attends these meetings.
• Pay the LCI Capitation fees of your National Association before October 31st. The capitation fee due each year is calculated according to the membership figures given to the LCI Treasurer by the National Secretary / Treasurer on June 10th. The National President and the LCI Treasurer at the Councillors Meeting will sign a confirmation form and these will be the figures on which Capitation Fees MUST be paid. If the wrong figures have been given the responsibility is on the National Association. The capitation is paid in Euro and all payments should be by Bank Transfer direct to the LCI bank account (For confirmation send a separate note to the LCI Treasurer):
IBAN NO: BE74 6528 3867 3907   SWIFT/BIC CODE: HBKABE22

If the payment is late, a fine of Euro 0,16 per member shall be imposed, with a minimum fine of Euro 80 being charged to that member country. Therefore, ask for a receipt of the payment from your bank. All bank transfer costs are the responsibility of the member country not LCI.
Collect the monies raised in your Country for LCI Charity Project and pay them to LCI Charity Account whenever there is a reasonable amount to pay again with confirmation of all donations sent to the LCI Treasurer. Please send payments throughout the year and not just at the end of your financial year as this assists the continual funding of the Charity Project.
IBAN NO: BE94 6529 6244 6614   SWIFT/BIC CODE: HBKABE22

The membership figure is counted on the number of members within your Association immediately after your AGM i.e. it represents the situation at the beginning of the new LC year in your country. This form will give the LCI Treasurer the number of Circlers you will pay Capitation Fees for in the following LCI year and is vital information if a realistic LCI Budget is to be prepared.

4.6 The duties of the National Secretary / the Secretary of No. 1 Circle towards LCI
• All information that you receive from the LCI Board should be copied and distributed to your National Board, which in turn is responsible to pass all relevant information to the Circles / Circlers. The LCI Directories should be distributed to the National Board. The LCI Newsletter will be published on the LCI homepage; distribution is therefore at the discretion of each member country.
• During the year inform LCI Secretary of all possible charter dates including the contact person’s address /email address and telephone / fax numbers. The LCI Secretary will distribute this information to all countries. Therefore make sure that the information reaches the LCI Secretary in good time.
• When you receive the list of charters in other countries, distribute this information at least to the number Circle in your country (if one exists) and send the greetings of your National Association to the Circle to be chartered.
• Answer all correspondence and confirm that you have received the information in question.
– A completed directory form where you give all information for next year’s LCI directory.
– 150 word report for the AGM booklet
– Any proposals or items for discussion your country wish to include on the LCI AGM Agenda or the Agenda of the Councillor’s Meeting.
– If applicable your countries application to host the LCI Conference
– If applicable your countries application for a new LCI Charity Project with a detailed description of the intended project
– If applicable your countries application for full membership
– If applicable a completed Nomination Form for the LCI Board, the Nominee and your National President must SIGN this form. The LCI Secretary will have sent out all the above forms in an earlier mailing to your President. All the proposals and applications must be authorised by the National Board of your National Association.
– A completed capitation form where you give all the information for next year’s LCI directory and budget.

A: Official visits, B: MTM visits, C: AGM (National) visits by LCI Board Members, D: Semi-official visits in combination with other official meetings, E: visits done on personal tours, F: Visits because of LCI Conference, G: visits because of LCI Board Meetings
The anniversaries for LC Countries are calculated from the charter of the 1st Club in the country.

The LCI Board members, usually the President, Immediate Past President or the Vice President, try to visit all Member Countries on regular intervals. The LCI Board follows a list and normally each country will be offered a visit every third or fourth year. Ideally the small and younger LCI countries will be visited more often.
• The President will normally travel to charter the No. 1 Circle in a new Country.
• The AGMs of those Countries that apply for Full Membership of LCI will be visited where possible. In addition, the LCI President visits the venues of the LCI conference that is held at the end of her presidential year.
• The Countries, to be visited in each year, will be informed well in advance. The Country in question may suggest the dates of the visit and the LCI Board will try to respect these dates as far as possible.
• However, the travels must be scheduled in good time and not every request can be fulfilled.
Remember that the travelling budget for the LCI Board is limited. Appoint somebody on the National Board to be the contact person for the visiting LCI Officer.
• LCI is responsible for paying the LCI Officer’s travel costs to the Country and all air / train / bus fares when travelling within the Country. If the LCI Officer is transported by private transport the costs can be contributed by LCI. These costs should be claimed from the LCI Officer during her visit and she should be informed of these costs before her arrival.
• Depending on the Country in question, the LCI Officer’s stay will be from a couple of days up to approximately one week. The host Country is responsible to plan and arrange the program during this official visit. The LCI Officer should be given a prior notice of the travel plan, detailed program and the contact details of the hosts. Whenever it is possible, the LCI Officer should be home hosted. The cost of the accommodation, the costs of the official meetings (e.g. Circle meetings, AGM, Anniversary dinner etc.) and the accommodation during the official visit are to be paid by the host-country. If hotel accommodation is considered to be necessary, it is also on the costs of the host-country.
• Any personal expenses, incidental meals whilst travelling or the cost of additional nights accommodation before or after the “official” visit (unless necessary because of flight schedules) will be on personal costs of the LCI Officer. If the LCI Officer travels with a partner or another Circler, his/her costs are paid fully by the LCI Officer.
• Remember to allow a little “breathing time” to the LCI Officer (and to the hosts) during the official visit!

Currently, Ladies’ Circle International is divided into four groups for the organisation of the Mid Term Meetings (MTM):

A separate detailed guideline package covering all aspects of an LCI Mid-Term Meeting is available from the LCI Secretary or can be found on the homepage.The package is a guideline only and variations from group to group can occur. However, by using the guidelines, all meetings will have a general uniformity.

It is preferable for all the Mid Term Meetings to be held during the months of January and February. The format of the meetings can vary from group to group depending on such issues as locations, numbers attending, facilities available etc. All indoor meetings/events to be non-smoking.


Items for inclusion on the Agenda, from all Countries, should be submitted to the LCI Vice President, no later than the October 15th prior to the MTM’s, so that the Agenda can be compiled and circulated to all the Countries. Items received after this date will not be accepted! It is also recommended that representative(s) of the LCI Board should be present at all the meetings, wherever possible. But be aware that it is not the representative from the LCI Board that shall run the meeting – the representative is there as your guest.

The LCI Board will submit to the hosting countries Agenda and Items for Discussion at the Mid-Term Meeting by 30st November.
The hosting counties will sent out agenda, Items for discussions and final invitations to the Mid-Term Meetings with details on how to register to all councillors by 15th December.

LCI Conference represents the highlight of the whole Ladies’ Circle and it is open to all Circlers. The Conference is arranged every year in August (normally the last weekend) or in September (normally the first weekend). The hosting of the Conference is applied for three years in advance and the Conference can be arranged in any Full Member Country of LCI. All the registrations are paid in advance according to the instructions given by the Conference Committee. No Registrations without full payment will be accepted. The LCI AGM can be attended by any Circler and is free of charge (the transport of those Circlers that do not attend any other part of the Conference cannot, however, be arranged without charge).

7.1. The Conference Program

The programme can vary depending on the circumstances in the hosting country. There should be a separate programme arranged for the partners on Friday (whole day). On Saturday evening partners can join the Gala Dinner at midnight.
All indoor meetings/events to be non-smoking.

7.2. The Councillors
• Every Full Member Country of LCI is entitled to send to the LCI AGM and to the Councillors’ Meeting two Councillors. Each of them has one vote.
• Normally the Councillors of a Country are the National President and the National Immediate Past President. If any of them cannot attend, the National Vice President or any other Circler appointed by the National AGM shall be the Councillor.
• The Councillors should attend at least the Councillors’ Meeting and the AGM and one of them the International Contact Meeting. Associate Member Countries send their representatives respectively, only they are not entitled to vote.
• LCI pays the Councillors’ Meeting and the International Contact Meeting to one participant from every Country providing, of course, that she is attending the meetings. LCI reimburses to one Councillor per Full Member Country with more than 100 members the costs of the Conference according to the guidelines (for details see guidelines paragraph 4.5.). Naturally the Councillor must attend all the meetings and other official programme (opening ceremony and banquet).

7.3. The Councillors’ Meeting (Rules from 6-1 to 7-3)
• The Councillors’ Meeting is held on Thursday and it lasts normally to approx. 2 p.m.
• The meeting is attended by two voting Councillors per Full Member Country, the representatives of the Associate Member Countries, the National Vice Presidents as observers, the Nominees and at least one member of the Conference Committee of the next LCI Conference. The LCI Board can also invite speakers or members of Special Committees to attend (often to give reports).
• The Councillor’s Meeting can vote on the alterations or amendments on these guidelines (with straight majority of votes cast). It also accepts the LCI AGM agenda and the financial report of the previous LCI Conference.
• The Councillor’s Meeting can also put forward items to be prepared by the LCI Board for the next years’ Councillor’s Meeting or LCI AGM.
• The Councillor’s Meeting can initiate Special Committees to prepare individual projects.
• The Councillor’s Meeting is chaired by the LCI President (or the LCI Vice President if the President is unable to be present). The LCI Secretary will serve as the Secretary of the meeting and there can be a separate Minute Secretary invited by the LCI Board.
• All the Circlers present are entitled to speak, but only the voting Councillors may vote. The LCI President has the casting vote.
• The reports of the LCI board, the presentation of the ISP, the MTM and LCI Conference applicants which have already been decided upon in the previous year and the reading out of the country reports should not take place in the Councillors´ Meeting.

7.4. The LCI AGM (Annual General Meeting) (Rules 7-3 to 7-19 and 8-19 to 8-26)
• The LCI AGM is held on Friday and, normally, it lasts till approximately 2 p.m.
• All Circlers are welcome to attend and to speak at the AGM.
• The business of the meeting is run according to the Standing Orders of the LCI AGM (printed in the LCI Directory).
• The AGM is chaired either by the LCI President or by a separate Chairman who is appointed by the Council.
• Two Tellers and one Scrutineer are appointed by the LCI Board to count the votes and normally there are two Minutes Secretaries to help the LCI Secretary.
• The meeting is followed by a lunch which is not obligatory. It has become tradition that all Circlers wear a hat at the AGM.

7.4.1. Overview of the votes of the Full Membercountries at the LCI

7.4.2. How are the matters dealt and voted at the LCI AGM
The LCI AGM is run according to the Standing Orders of LCI AGM, which you can find in the LCI Directory (see rule 9-1 to 9-9). All the matters on the LCI AGM Agenda are dealt with following these procedures:
1. The Chairman reads the item number and announces the item to be dealt with.
2. Either the Chairman or someone else reads out the proposal and the explanation.
3. The Chairman asks for a Proposer. The Proposer can be any Full Member Country present in the Meeting but not that country which originally made the proposal. The Proposer is needed to open the item for discussion.
4. The item is discussed.
5. If a Full Member Country makes an amendment to the original proposal, the discussion is stopped. The chairman asks for a Seconder, which again can be any Full Member of LCI. The Seconder is needed to open the discussion on this particular amendment. After this, only the amendment can be discussed. Once fully discussed, the amendment is voted on.
a) If the amendment is agreed, thereafter only the amended proposal will be discussed further. If there are further amendments, they must be applied to this new amended proposal. When there are no further amendments the discussion is stopped. Then, this amended proposal becomes a so called ‘substantive motion’, i.e. the new, fully amended proposal
b) If the amendment is defeated, the discussion continues the original proposal.
Other amendments to that proposal can be made, as explained earlier.
c) When there are no further amendments, the final proposal (either the original one, if no amendments were passed, or the so called ‘substantive motion’ meaning the final form of the amended proposal) must be voted on.
d) If any proposal has been amended and the amendment has been adopted by the Councillors, the meeting cannot return to the original proposal which is now lost.

7.4.3. The Membership Trophy
A Membership Trophy (introduced 1998 by the LCI Board) will be awarded and presented at the LCI AGM to the Country that has achieved the greatest percentage increase in their membership or made some other remarkable achievement concerning their membership. The LCI Board decides the winner of the Trophy after June 10th, when all membership details of the Countries have arrived.
Previous Winners:


7.5. The International Contact Meeting
The International Contact Meeting is held on Saturday and normally it ends by lunchtime. It is attended by the “new” Council, meaning the National Vice Presidents and Presidents (the No. 1 Circle Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively). The whole newly elected LCI Board should attend this meeting. The new LCI President is the chairman of this meeting and the newly elected LCI Vice President will serve as Secretary. The LCI Vice President should send the agenda for the International Contact Meeting in July. The International Contact Meeting makes the plans for the incoming year, gives items to the LCI Board for preparation and confirms the dates and places of the Mid Term Meetings. The incoming LCI Board addresses the National Officers for the year and gives them all necessary timetables and deadlines. LCI reimburses the costs of the meeting for one representative from each Country attending the meeting.

7.6. Tombola
During the Conference the Circlers from the incoming LCI President’s Country sell raffle tickets called Tombola tickets. The new President draws the winning ticket at the Gala Dinner on the Saturday. The winner receives the price of the conference package and the travel costs to the next LCI Conference.

However, the prize can only be up to a maximum of half the total sum collected from tickets sold. The rest of the money is equally divided to the LCI Extension Fund and to the LCI Travel Fund. If the winner is granted any other refund from the National Board she will have to pass the prize on to another member who does not get any other refund. If the winner cannot attend the LCI Conference she can pass the prize to another member who will not be granted by the National Board.

7.7. Applying, arranging and administering the LCI Conference in“nut-shell”
A separate detailed guideline package covering all aspects of hosting an LCI Conference is available from the LCI Secretary or can be found on the homepage.

7.7.1 How to apply the LCI Conference
The host of the LCI Conference is decided three years in advance in the LCI AGM. The National AGM must accept the application before it can be submitted to LCI Board. The application must be with the LCI Secretary by June 10th prior to the LCI AGM where the host is elected. The Conference Application Form is available from the LCI Secretary or the homepage. The application should include the planned dates of the Conference, the circle(s)/area responsible for arrangements, the number of Circlers involved in arrangements, the maximum number of participants, the location of the venue and how it can be reached and approximate prices in Euro for the Registration Fee, Welcome Party, AGM Lunch, Gala Dinner
and accommodation (at least one cheap choice must be included). The applicants may give a short presentation of maximum 5 minutes in the Councillor’s Meeting and at the LCI AGM. At the AGM, no gifts, no slides, no videos or cabarets may be presented.

7.7.2 How to arrange a LCI Conference
For all details see Conference guidelines obtainable from LCI Secretary or homepage. The organising Circle or Circles in the area of the venue for the Conference are responsible for the arrangements and MUST keep their National Board and the LCI Board informed of these. The ultimate responsibility of the Conference lies with the National Board of the hosting country. This means, that if, for any reason, the Conference cannot be held according to the original plan, the National Association is responsible to arrange the Councillors’ Meeting, the LCI AGM and the International Contact Meeting. The National Association are also responsible for the ultimate financial viability of the whole Conference.

3 years in advance: Host country is elected
2 years in advance: The exact dates and venue should be announced at the AGM. The estimated cost of the AGM Venue should be given to the LCI Board.
1 year in advance: At this AGM a representative of the Conference Committee should make a presentation of the Conference; showing a film or colour slides of the country and the place where the Conference will be held (This shall be at the expense of the Conference Committee). The registration forms should be available at least to the Councillors, ideally for all those attending that conference.

There is no specific number of members for the Committee, but approx. 14 members is usual. A Chairman should be chosen and also a Secretary, a Treasurer and Circlers to be responsible for transport, registration office, publicity and sponsorship, accommodation, the home parties, the Gala Dinner, the AGM and AGM lunch, stewarding and sales items. The role of Conference Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary should be held by a Circler who will still be a full member of her country at the LCI AGM following the Conference that they hold the post for. One member should also be responsible for the contact with the LCI Board and their own National Board. The National and LCI Boards shall be informed about the progress of the work. The Conference Secretary must send minutes or a summary in English from all meetings held to both Boards.

The Committee is expected to follow the regulations and formalities suggested by the LCI and National Boards. The duties of the Conference Committee and other details are mentioned in the Conference guidelines. The Committee will make all practical decisions such as accommodation, meeting places, lunch and dinner venues, sightseeing trips and a programme for partners. The choice of the delegates’ hotel and the venues for Councillors’ Meeting, International Contact Meeting and AGM (+ the respective lunches) need approval by the LCI Board. All the work of the Committee is voluntary although the Committee members may claim reasonable expenses incurred by their work.

7.7.3 How to administer a LCI Conference
For details, see Conference Guidelines obtainable from the LCI Secretary.

The Conference should be financially self-supporting. Care should be taken when estimating how many people will attend the Conference. It is best to consider a minimum number when drawing up the budget to avoid a deficit. See previous Conference reports to assess average numbers attending. Any loss made is the responsibility of the host country, not LCI. The purpose of hosting a Conference is not to make a profit but if, by careful budgeting, a slight profit is made then this should be dealt with as directed by LCI Rule 8-23.

An interest free loan is obtainable for the Conference Committee from LCI on application to the LCI Treasurer. This application must be made two years before the Conference. The loan must be repaid prior to the start of the actual Conference.
Loans are interest free. Some National Associations also make a loan to the Conference Committee to help with the pre-conference expenses.

(Make provision for variations in exchange money, so you do not lose money from one country to another). The maximum amount of the loan will be equivilant to the LCI Board AGM Budget

A detailed Financial Report of the Conference should be presented to the LCI Board by the 31st of December following the Conference. If a deficit arises, the responsibility shall be a matter between the Conference Committee and the National Association of the organising country. When a profit is made on a Conference, the surplus money should be apportioned in accordance with LCI Rule 8-23. The Conference Committee decides what to do with their part of the profit.

8.1. How Ladies’ Circle normally begins in a new Country
The information about Ladies’ Circle is normally brought to a new country by visiting Circlers, who meet young women interested or in connection with Round Table meetings, where the partners of the Tablers hear about the idea and activities of Ladies’ Circle. Unfortunately the LCI Board cannot send a representative to all those countries where interest is shown in Ladies’ Circle. Therefore we have information packages that can be sent to those women and gradually introduced to the ideas and activities of Ladies’ Circle. The Immediate Past LCI President has the responsibility for all LCI extensions and therefore is the initial person who should be contacted. In the initial phases the personal contacts of Circlers are of extreme importance and the role of the godmother country is crucial. The godmother country is usually the one who first had the contact with this new prospective Country. The LCI Board should be informed immediately when such contacts are established and the LCI Board officially nominates the godmother country. The following outlines the steps that lead up to the forming and chartering of a new circle.

1. The women interested begin to meet each other regularly and seek other prospective members. Commonly the Tablers’ wives are the source of members. At this stage they need basic information about Ladies’ Circle, its ideas, aims and objectives, the regulations of the members etc. How to run the meetings, do the minutes and who should be kept informed are the basic instructions. Sometimes it can be very useful to find a “godmother Circle” in the godmother country to provide the prospective Circle with meeting practice and Circle rules (ask the LCI Secretary for the Welcome Package”). The LCI Board should be kept informed of the progress.
2. When there are at least 10 women interested a meeting should be held where a resolution is taken that “a Ladies’ Circle should be formed, to be known as …“. A Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer should be Minutes of this so called Inaugural Meeting should be kept and copies sent to the LCI President and the President of the Godmother Country (at this stage ask the LCI Secretary to send “HOW TO FORM A LADIES’ CIRCLE” with Aims and Objectives and Rules of a new Ladies’ Circle). Thereafter all the minutes should be sent to the LCI Immediate Past President and to the President of the godmother country. As this is the formation of a new Ladies’ Circle Country, THE FIRST LADIES’ CIRCLE IN THIS COUNTRY CAN BE CHARTERED WHEN THEY HAVE AT LEAST 12 MEMBERS. This minimum number of members is necessary for a sustainable growth within Ladies’ Circle International.
3. At least 10 business meetings should be held by this new Circle before the chartering can be considered. The LCI President should be informed well in advance of this stage (at this time ask the LCI Secretary to send packages on “JOINING LADIES’ CIRCLE INTERNATIONAL” and “HOW TO CHARTER A No. 1 CIRCLE”).
4. Before this new Ladies’ Circle, WITH AT LEAST 12 MEMBERS, can be chartered their aims and objectives must be sent to the LCI Secretary before June 10th prior to the LCI AGM, where they will be considered by the AGM. It is recommended that a representative of this new Circle should be present at that particular AGM. Once the AGM has approved their aims and objectives THE CHARTER OF THIS NEW CIRCLE CAN TAKE PLACE, UNLESS THEY HAVE LESS THAN 12 MEMBERS. In this case the Charter has to be postponed. The LCI President or another member of the LCI Board will charter the new Circle which then will automatically become an Associate Member of LCI.
5. Once chartered, the No. 1 Circle should be provided with complete LCI rules and guidelines. The reports are given in a normal way (see duties of the National Officers). The new Circle should be encouraged to attend LCI Conferences and Mid Term Meetings. The Circle members are entitled to apply for LCI Travel Fund grants.
6. The No. 1 Circle should then try to expand and establish new Circles in the country.
When there are two or three Circles in the Country, it is wise to form a National Association and elect a National Board. Again, the National Board of the godmother country has a very important role (Ask the LCI Secretary for “HOW TO FORM A NATIONAL ASSOCIATION AND NATIONAL BOARD” package).
7. The new Country can apply for Full Membership of LCI, when there are at least three Circles, WITH AT LEAST 30 MEMBERS IN TOTAL, and the National Board has been established for at least TWO consecutive years (see: HOW TO APPLY FOR FULL MEMBERSHIP OF LCI). An Application form can be received from the LCI Secretary and it must be submitted to her not later than December the 31st prior to the LCI AGM where it is considered and voted on. An LCI Officer will where possible visit the Country and be present at the National AGM to clarify the obligations and responsibilities of a LCI Full Member to all members. The report of the LCI Officer should be distributed to all the Member Countries of LCI together with the application.

8.2. Guidelines for Godmother Countries
When the LCI Immediate Past President has made the initial contact with a new country where the first steps are taken to form a circle, the LCI Board nominates a Godmother Country to this first Circle. The Godmother Country has to be a Full Member Country. Within the Godmother Country an individual Circle may be nominated to serve as a Godmother Circle. In any case it is convenient to agree that the new Circle sends all its post to one person in the Godmother Country to avoid misunderstandings.
1.The Godmother Country should provide the new Circle with LC rules (Circle rules and LCI rules), should help with practical questions, gives all necessary information, clarifies and explains the ideas of circling as well as the variations and its The Godmother Circle should help the new Circle establish its own rules. It is recommended that somebody from the Godmother Country visits the new Circle or arranges for the chairman of the new Circle to visit a Circle in the Godmother Country to experience an established Circle meeting etc.
2.The Circle in formation sends all its minutes (in English) to the Godmother Country (to the contact person) and to the LCI Immediate Past If a Godmother Circle is nominated, its minutes are sent to the new Circle.
3.LCI Immediate Past President is responsible for informing the new Circle about items that are required by LCI before the new country can be chartered and accepted as an Associate Member Country by the LCI Annual General Meeting.
4.The Godmother Country gives advice with the arrangements of the Charter of the No.
1 Circle.
5.The Godmother Country has NO financial duties towards the new Circle.
6.When the function of the No. 1 Circle is well established, it should be encouraged to spread Ladies’ Circle to other cities and locations in this new country.
7.When there are at least two Circles in the new country, the Godmother Country helps in the formation of the National Board. It takes care, that the rules are established and that the rules are acceptable by LCI. The godmother country advises with the arrangements when the National Board is chartered.
8.Only the first Circle in each new country has an official Godmother Circle abroad.
When No. 2 Circle is in formation, the No. 1 Circle shall serve as a Godmother Circle to the second one etc. This is because; it is necessary to create a national uniformity and character to all the Circles within the new country.

8.3. Economical support for Godmother Countries (2003 – Extension Support Fund)
1.Extension, next to consolidation and strengthening is considered an important task within LCI. For countries interested in starting a Ladies’ Circle there are introduction packages. As soon as a country is serious in efforts the LCI Board asks a country to be the Godmother Country. In the directory the duties of Godmother Countries are explained. Usually Godmothers are looked for in the neighbouring or “related” countries but this is of course not always possible as in some parts of the world the density of member countries is low.
2.Being a Godmother means taking up the responsibility of guiding the new country into LCI. Thanks to e-mail the contacts can be quick and intensive. But unless a Godmother Country is the direct neighbour country personal visits are often impossible due to the financial consequences. Ignoring this means that a lot of countries have to decline a request for being godmother as it is usual that at least the charter has to be attended.
3.In some cases the Godmother Countries have to take care of their Godchildren when they are in need. A visit of the Godmother can be very healing and leading towards new impulses which mean that a member country can be saved.
4.To facilitate this, the LCI Board sets up an Extension Support Fund for which the Godmother Countries can apply for a guidance visit, the charter and afterwards for a necessary visit. LCI has the Travel Fund that enables circlers to attend LC activities abroad. This fund is not available for Councillors, which means that the costs for being Godmother come completely to the budget of the National organisation. If part of the costs for being Godmother can be asked for out of an Extension Support Fund, this means less pressure for a National organisation.
5.In this way the contact between the Godmother and Godchild can be intensified and more structured.This stimulates the friendship and fellowship between the countries.
6.The extension support fund will be filled for the first time by the surplus of LCI Euro 5000. Thereafter the fund will be filled by money from the LCI Conference surplus (15%) and the tombola (25%).

The LCI Board consists of six members elected by the LCI AGM. The LCI Vice President automatically becomes the LCI President after serving one year in the office. Accordingly, the LCI President becomes the LCI Immediate Past President after her presidential year. The LCI Secretary and the LCI Treasurer may serve either one or two years on the Board. All the members of LCI Board should be active members of their National Associations (except the Immediate Past President). The LCI Board normally meets five times a year. Two of these meetings are held in conjunction with the LCI Conference. The three others are normally arranged in October / November, in February / March and in June and are often home hosted. The timetable for these meetings is decided in the hand over meeting immediately after the LCI Conference.

In every meeting the LCI Board members give a report of their activities since the last meeting, the financial situation is reported and the LCI Conferences are handled. In addition, the following items should be on the agenda for the individual Board meetings together with any other relevant matters:

Hand over meeting (normally very short):
• The time-table and the places for Board meetings is confirmed
• The Introductory Letter from the Board is planned
• The responsible members to projects are named for initial preparing
• Individual handover
• Planning of the coming year and preliminary travel plans.

Second Board meeting (October / November):
• Items arising from the Councillors’ Meeting, AGM and International Contact Meeting
• The items for discussion at the MTMs are decided
• Any possible financial items from the Conference to be dealt with (mainly the reimbursements)
• The International Charity Project
• The guideline changes caused by the rule changes made in the LCI AGM
• The budgets for travelling and Board meetings.
• Visit to the AGM venues

Third Board meeting (February / March)
• Reports from the MTMs
• Travel Fund grants
• Associate Member Fund grants
• Half-year reports of the member countries
• The progress of the International charity project
• Final travel plans (for example countries that have applied for Full Membership)
• Preliminary plans for the next year
• Preliminary budget for the next year
• Financial report of the last LCI Conference.

Fourth Board meeting (June)
• Preparing of the agendas for the LCI AGM, Councillors’ Meeting and International Contact Meeting
• LCI Boards’ proposals for the meetings during the Conference
• Nominations to LCI Offices and proposals from the Member Countries
• Budgets for the next two years
• Practical arrangements of the LCI Conference
• Accepting the registration forms and final prices for the Conference to be held the year after
• LCI directory
• The full-year reports of the member countries.

Fifth Board meeting (prior to the LCI Conference)
• Last practical arrangements and details of the LCI AGM and Councillors’ Meeting and International Contact meeting (scenario for the LCI AGM)
• Confirmation of the Tellers, Scrutineer and Minutes Secretaries for the meetings
• Accounts
• Prices of tombola tickets
• LCI directory

All the Board members are entitled to get a CTE (contribution towards the expenses) to cover postal costs, internet and telephone costs, fax gifts etc. while they are an LCI Board member. The costs of the Board meetings and the official travels are refunded according to separate guidelines.

The LCI Board members can claim allowances from the LCI Treasurer as follows:
• When travelling on LCI business, the cheapest airfare or second-class rail fare.
• Euro 0,32 per mile / Euro 0,24 per km, if travelling by car.
• Euro 50,- per day subsistence allowance when not hosted by Circlers. If LCI pays for the hotel accommodation, the subsistence allowance is not paid.
• The hostess of a Board meeting can claim Euro 40,- per officer / day (including herself).
• The Treasurer pays all expenses of the LCI Board members for LCI Conference.

The LCI Board runs the business of LCI between the LCI AGMs and takes care of the routine administration of LCI. Certain duties of the LCI Board have been dealt out between the members as follows:

9.1. The President
• Is responsible for the activities of LCI Board and is the Chairman of the Board
• Is general contact for all the Member Associations
• Takes care of the external relations of LCI
• Chairs the Councillors’ Meeting at the end of her presidential year
• Chairs the LCI AGM (normally) at the end of her year
• Is the contact person of LCI Board for the next LCI Conference
• Keeps the travel list of LCI Board and plans the official visits of the LCI Officers
• Sends out at least three Presidential letters during the year
• Gives her half-year report in December (sends her correspondence to the National Presidents) and the full-year report at the LCI AGM.
• The LCI President visits the venues of the LCI conference that is held at the end of her presidential year

9.2. The Vice President
• Serves as International Contact Lady
• Is the main contact for the National Vice Presidents
• Collects the material for the LCI Newsletter
• Plans and chairs the International Contact Meeting at the end of the Vice Presidential year
• Is the contact person for the LCI Conference that is held at the end of her presidential year (visits the venues during her Presidential year)”
• Arranges the Tombola for the LCI Conference at the end of her Vice Presidential year.
• Sends out letters and gives her half-year report to the National Vice Presidents
• Maintains the list of new Charters and sends greetings from the LCI Board to all newly chartering Circles.

9.3. The Immediate Past President
• Serves as Extension Officer in LCI. This means that she keeps files of contacts to new, prospective LCI Countries and supplies them with information regarding LCI
• Contact for Godmother Countries
• General contact for Associate Member Countries
• Is the Chairman of the LCI Travel Fund
• Is the Chairman of the LCI Extension Support Fund
• Is the contact person for the LCI Conference that will be held in three years (gives the files and all the information to the next Vice President)
• Takes care that the LCI home page is maintained and updated
• Updates the LCI Rules, Directory guidelines and maintains the LCI History Book.

9.4. The Secretary
• Takes care of all directory details (address, name and contact detail changes)
• Sends out the directory forms in April
• Collects and distributes the dates and places of coming AGM’s and special Charters
• Serves as Secretary in all LCI Board Meetings
• Serves as Secretary in the Councillors’ Meeting and in the LCI AGM with the help of the separate Minutes Secretaries
• Sends by request different forms and “LCI Information Packages”
• Takes care of the files of LCI
• Updates the LCI rules and guidelines and keeps files for them
• Keeps a file of the logos of National Associations
• Sends out all necessary material to member countries
• Receives all nominations and proposals for the LCI AGM and the Councillors’ Meeting
• Keeps the file of the past LCI Officers.
• Prepares the official charter certificate for the charter of a new LCI country.

9.5. The Treasurer
• Takes care of the finances and accounts of LCI and of the sales of LCI
• Sends out the Capitation form in September
• Collects the information of the membership figures in the member associations
• Collects capitation and affiliation fees
• Takes care of the LCI Charity Fund
• Is the Chairman of the Associate Member fund
• Gives the financial report to the LCI AGM and makes the budgets
• The membership statement form will be sent out from the treasurer
• Orders and keeps the stock of the LCI stationary, pins, banners and regalia.

9.6. The Weblady
• Takes care of the update of
• Controls the computer, all materials of LCI presentations at the LCI AGM
• Updates the LCI social media f. ex. Facebook
• Write ads and short news on the website for the LCI Board.
• Helps creating the newsletter
• Helps creating board reports
• Collects and organise material from LC member countries, anthem, slides and video before the AGM.

The following LCI Information Packages can be obtained from the LCI Secretary or from the LCI homepage. The packages contain all those guidelines that are not printed here and that are not needed so frequently. The LCI Board is responsible to update them accordingly whenever such rule or guideline changes are made by the LCI AGM or the Councillors’ meeting which affect the contents of these packages.

• Detailed instructions and advice for the Organising Committees of the LCI Conferences
• Will be automatically given to all Committees by LCI Board but should be studied carefully when considering an application to host the Conference

• A general description of Ladies’ Circle
• To be given to prospective members or visitors

• Instructions for the inaugurate meeting of the first Circle in the new country

• How to apply for Associate Membership in Ladies’ Circle International

• Instructions for planning the charter meeting

• Advice of forming the National Association and the National Board
• Useful, when at least two Circles exist in a Country

• Information of the duties of a Full Member Country
• Application form for Full Membership

• How to deal with the voting in the LCI AGM
• Detailed instructions of the single transferable voting system
• Will be automatically given to the Tellers and to the Scrutineer by LCI Secretary

• Includes detailed instructions and information to LCI Board members
• Instructions for claiming the expenses and allowances

• Applying for the LCI Travel Fund
• Applying for the extension support fund
• Applying for LCI Conference
• Applying for the LCI Charity Project
• Applying for Full Membership of LCI
• Nominating a candidate to LCI Office

• Nomination form of an LCI Charity Project

• Guide to hosting an MTM